Alex’s ashes will be carried around the world

Robin Hood tries out the car with his daughter Alex Hood at Sutton Park motor company.'Ref: 07SEP4144
Robin Hood tries out the car with his daughter Alex Hood at Sutton Park motor company.'Ref: 07SEP4144

THE FAMILY and friends of brave Alex Hood are making sure she experiences her dream of travelling the world - four years after she died.

The 19-year-old’s ashes are being carried around the world on Harley Davidson bikes, in memory of the teenager and to raise awareness of the terrible skin disease which killed her.

And the bikers will be making one very poignant stop in the next few days - at her home town of Leamington.

Alex, who lived in Lillington, died aged 19 in August 2008 after suffering from recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (EB) – a condition which made her skin as fragile as a butterfly’s wing.

Over the years her father Robin has worked tirelessly for DEBRA, a charity set up to support sufferers and their families which also funds research into finding a cure.

Mr Hood has said: “Alex was loved so much by all those who met her and that is why the crematorium was packed on the day of her funeral.

“Her wish to see more of the world will never be a reality but her bravery and courage still inspire people nearly four years after her death.”

Through his contacts with the British branch of DEBRA, Mr Hood heard of avid biker Ross Jamieson – a dad of two who has two daughters who also suffer from the disease.

Mr Jamieson, of the Scottish Dunedin chapter of Harley bikers and members of other chapters, are taking Alex’s ashes on a round-the-world trip which started in Waterford, Ireland.

The convoy will pass through Leamington some time between Thursday June 7 and June Sunday 10 while on its way to mainland Europe.

Mr Hood said: “This journey with the Harley bikers will unite countries around the world in the battle against epidermis bullosa.

“As the Harley fraternity is worldwide, so is the outbreak of EB, and on Alex’s journey she will create awareness in the news and hopefully money as well.

A fundraising biography named Daddy I’m Dying Not You, Smile will be released by Mr Hood in October. It will tell the story of Alex’s life and Mr Hood’s efforts up to the present day.

Copies of the book, which was ghost written by former News of the World journalist David Leslie, will be available in October.

Mr Hood said: “Alex was truly a remarkable person and I am very proud to say she was my daughter.”