Allotment holders launch campaign

Allotment holders in Cubbington have launched a campaign to stop houses being built on their plots.
Allotment holders in Cubbington have launched a campaign to stop houses being built on their plots.

Villagers in Cubbington are at odds with their parish council over proposals to build new homes on allotment land as part of the Local Plan.

At a meeting last week the council told about 40 residents who attended that it was supporting plans put forward to Warwick District Council to build 35 houses on l.4 hectares of allotment land off Rugby Road, which is owned by the Sir Thomas White charity.

The council is also in favour of plans to build 40 houses on land opposite Willow Sheets Meadow.

Paul Checkley, of Coventry Road, was at the meeting and said many of those who attended were angered about what “a lack of debate or discussion” with allotment holders and other residents over the parish council’s stance.

Paul Checkley of Coventry Road said: “It seemed as if the decision had been rubber stamped without taking into account the views of the allotment holders in the village.

“If the other land is suitable for housing then why can all of the houses not be built on that? We are angered by the plans and this was compounded by the process the parish council adopted.”

Allotment holders and concerned residents have formed a campaign group which has emphasised the importance of the allotments as a “valuable community amenity” (see letters pages).

The parish council has said the housing plans are preferred to previous proposals, which included 150 new houses, and are supportive of the inclusion of affordable homes in addition to the seven which have been proposed for land off Coventry Road.

Councillors will seek assurances that new allotment land will be provided to those whose will be lost and have request that it should be involved in any discussions regarding community infrastructure levys.

Cllr David Saul said he had sympathy for the allotment holders but stressed the need for more homes and affordable housing in the village.