Bath Place community centre plans unveiled

Computer Generated Image of what  Bath Place Community Venture new-looksite would look like.
Computer Generated Image of what Bath Place Community Venture new-looksite would look like.

Bath Place Community Venture has revealed its plans to for the acquisition and regeneration of its original site in Old Town.

The proposals include an architectural design brief for the rebuilding of the former All Saints School site, a detailed business plan with financial forecasts and funding strategy, a social return on investment report which calculates a annual social return value of £4 million and a survey compiled in August last year which indicates overwhelming support for the project .

Clayton Denwood, operations manager for Bath Place, said: “It has often been pointed out that the ongoing issues around BPCV lack of premises has led to a serious reduction in community engagement and activity in south Leamington and we profoundly believe that a rebuild would create an excellent opportunity to rectify that.

“We believe our plan will provide a much-needed economic regeneration of the area and that the preservation of the buildings as an integral community asset is essential to honouring its storied history.

“These heritage concerns and providing essential community support make up the twin pillars of the design and plan.”

The site, most os which was destroyed by fire in 2009, has been earmarked for disposal by Warwickshire County Council and was registered as an Asset of Community Value under the Localism Act.

Bath Place presented the plans to the council in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

The final decision on whether the plans can proceed is expected to be made by the council’s cabinet members no earlier than April.

Should Bath Place acquire the premises then refurbishment to the ‘cottage section’ of the building would take place immediately to allow addiction recovery and mental health services to move in within weeks.

The rebuild of the main section of the multi-purpose community hub would take approximately nine to 12 months to complete.