Beauty on ice may be Olga's final role

For ice star Olga Pershankova her final lead role may be upon her but it doesn't mean that her 30-year love affair with the ice has come to an end.

The 36-year-old returns to the Spa Centre in Leamington on April 30 in Beauty and Beast on ice - but is undecided whether to hang up her skates for good.

Olga said: “I tried to make this decision last year but it’s tough. I know for my daughter Sofia I have to. This will be my last leading role but when it comes to the question will I stop performing - I can’t say now.”

Sofia, who is five-and-a-half - which was the age Olga was when she began skating - would like to be a professional skater too. She loves watching the show.

In the enchanting tale of love, Olga takes centre stage as Belle - the beauty - in her last performance with the Wild Rose theatre company.

Olga is joined by Andrey Chuvilyaev - who skates the part of the Beast - and the Russian ice stars.

Andrey is the world’s tallest figure skater - he’s 6ft 8in without his skates on - which means the world’s highest lifts.

Olga said: “I don’t find it scary at all, the first time is unusual but when you’re performing you hardly remember them. Audiences are often amazed by the speeds we reach and tricks we perform in such small spaces.”

Despite being over three quarters of the way through the 33-venue tour, the performers still get nervous.

“The first show is very difficult and you’re very nervous because you don’t know the routine very well but you start to feel the adrenaline.

“Without it you wouldn’t be able to perform, you have to get the emotion from somewhere and tell the story.”

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