Don’t make costly mistakes this year, says Sean Newman

sean newman

sean newman

On average people sell a property every eight years, so for most people it has been years since they last sold a property.

The property market has changed dramatically over the past few years and there are many pitfalls that can cost sellers two of their most valuable commodities, time and money.

Sean Newman has used his 25 years’ experience in running his own estate agency business and written a booklet to highlight the ten costly mistakes sellers make and how to avoid them.

Sean said: “This booklet is free and full of useful advice which could save sellers thousands of pounds. All I want to do is help sellers avoid these costly mistakes.

“Knowledge is power and with the information in this booklet sellers can be armed and make informed decisions. My advice is don’t sell your property without reading this booklet first”.

In the booklet Sean points out the ten most costly mistakes sellers make. Thankfully he also offers solutions on how to avoid them to ensure your property sale goes through smoothly and you achieve the best possible price.

Sean concluded: “Some advice may be seen as controversial as it goes against some common methods used by many estate agents such as using a fixed asking price. Each mistake is clearly explained and the solutions provided”.

For a free no obligation copy of “10 costly mistakes that sellers make”call your local Newman’s team on 01926 431431.




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