Celebrations for new footpath

Walkers in Bubbenhall Wood should find the going a little easier following the creation of a new boardwalk in the ancient woodland.

The new footpath opened on Tuesday when it was tested out by walkers before being toasted at the Three Horseshoes pub in the village with a celebratory drink.

The project was instigated by the Kenilworth Footpath Preservation Group and was funded by Hansen plc - owners of the nearby Smith's Concrete and Bubbenhall parish council.


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The wood is mentioned in the Domesday Book and is part of the Princethorpe Woodlands which cover 1,000 acres.

It is also home to uncommon species including dormice and the wood white butterfly.

The Warwickshire Wildlife Trust is also hoping to develop wildlife corridors to link Ryton, Wappenbury and Waverley Woods.

Kenilworth Footpath Preservation Group chairman Dr Brian Nichol said: "Walkers who have been bogged down in the muddy patch in Bubbenhall Wood will benefit enormously from this new 12-metre boardwalk. The boardwalk protects the woodland soil from erosion, and makes it easier for walkers to use the right of way through the wood.

"We are grateful to Hanson Environmental Trust and Bubbenhall parish council for funding this improvement to an important ancient woodland."

Bubbenhall to Wappenbury via Bubbenhall Wood is one of the Kenilworth group's popular circular walks, starting at the Three Horseshoes pub or the Malt Shovel in Bubbenhall.

Kenilworth Footpath Preservation Group's booklet, Kenilworth and Beyond, describes 20 pub walks in mid-Warwickshire. The latest edition of the booklet is available at tourist information centres and public libraries in Kenilworth, Warwick, Leamington and Coventry, or Ryton Post Office, priced 4.80.

Visit www.kenilworthfootpaths.org.uk