Major expansion plan for Myton School in Warwick

Myton School headteacher Paul McIntyre.
Myton School headteacher Paul McIntyre.

One of south Warwickshire’s main schools is drawing up plans for a major expansion which could see it take on another 500 pupils.

In the light of a planning application being put forward by the Europa Way Consortium to build around 700 new homes on land between Leamington and Warwick - along with many other applications for new estates to the south of Warwick - Myton School has decided to start preparing now for the possible influx of extra children needing to go to school in the area.

Although the school has been in talks with several housing developers and is working closely in particular with the Europa Way Consortium and Warwickshire County and Warwick District Councils, headteacher Paul McIntyre says that nothing will materialise unless the new housing is built.

Speaking to the Courier this week, he said: “We are taking a fully neutral stance. If houses are being built, we will have to respond to that.

“We already have some plans and ideas in place and have been working with developers and planning officers.

We need to be ready as soon as something happens.

“We want the best for our students. If change is going to happen, then we want to make sure that change is for their benefit.”

As well as the extra pupils, the school would be taking on additional staff, while the school is also working with the county council on providing space for a primary school on what will become the ‘Myton campus’.

Mr McIntyre said he would also welcome the opportunity to develop a collaboration with Round Oak School, which is currently sited so close to Myton that it may become part of the new larger development.

He said: “If we do expand, then the school has to be developed in a different way. Large schools exist all over the world and operate effectively and efficiently. We will work with consultants who will look at international models and we are hosting a seminar in the autumn which will involve students, staff and governors.

“We plan to maintain the best elements of Myton School - the academic successes and our family atmosphere - balanced with 21st century educational opportunities.”

Current proposals for the district council’s Local Plan for new housing include building 4,800 homes in the south Leamington and south Warwick areas - and Mr McIntyre, who wishes to work alongside Campion School in Leamington, says this will mean there will be a requirement for another 1,000 secondary school places.