ELECTION: Results for Stratford District

Here are the results, ward by ward.

Voters in Stratford district went to the polls on May 4 to elect 19 of 53 district council seats and members for seven parish councils.

For some of the candidates, it was the first time to test the loyalty of the people who had voted for them in 2002, when the entire district council was up for election.

But would new leaders and political scandals nationally affect the way their residents saw the issues in their own towns and villages.

Reporter Robert Collins was at the count.


Susan Aysha Juned (Lib Dem) 1,033

Paul Charles Martin (Con) 566

Ronald Alfred Mole (UKIP) 121

John Murray Ritchie (Lab) 102

Lib Dem hold 39.16 per cent turnout

Bidford and Salford

John Harold Brain (Con) 758

Daren Philip Franz Pemberton (Lib Dem) 935

Lib Dem hold 32.83 per cent turnout


Richard Cheney (Lib Dem) 444

Philip Stanley Seccombe (Con) 544

Con hold 58.01 per cent turnout


Martyn Lewis Allan (Con) 677

Andrew Patrick (Lib Dem) 936

Lib Dem hold 43.19 per cent turnout


Laurence Thomas Marshall (Con) 1149

Catherine L Rolfe (Lib Dem) 360

Con hold 42.77 per cent turnout


Susan Elizabeth Adams (Con) 344

Lynn Charles Bowring (Lib Dem) 392

Lib Dem hold 45.78 per cent turnout

Long Compton

Stephen Charles Gray (Con) 579

Philip Peter John Vial (Lib Dem) 222

Con hold 47.36 per cent turnout

Long Itchington

Alan James Hill (Lib Dem) 114

Carol Ann Pratt (Lab) 114

Robert Anthony Stevens (Con) 546

Con hold 43.47 per cent turnout


Michael Charles Brain (Con) 680

Reginald Claude Maguire Clarke (Ind) 246

Con hold 46.52 per cent turnout


Karyl Arlene Rees (Lib Dem) 170

Leslie Arnold Topham (Con) 478

Con hold 45.4 per cent turnout


Richard Guy Hobbs (Con) 686

Jeanne Lowe (Lib Dem) 189

Con hold 46.27 per cent turnout


Alan John Akeister (Con) 816

James Ernest Taylor (Lab) 471

Richard John Anthony Waller (Lib Dem) 398

Con hold 34.09 per cent turnout

Stratford Alveston

Stuart David Beese (Con) 1167

Michael Raymond Crutchley (Lib Dem) 1077

Con hold 46 per cent turnout

Stratford Avenue and New Town

Maureen Lesley Beckett (Lib Dem) 856

William Lowe (Ind) 504

Laura Susan Main (Con) 604

Karen Dawn Parnell (Lab) 130

Lib Dem hold 40.82 per cent turnout

Stratford Guild and Hathaway

Harry Francis Cottam none listed 235

Roy Thomas Donnelly (Con) 818

Jennifer Elizabeth Mary Fradgley (Lib Dem) 1156

Lib Dem hold 39.42 per cent turnout


William Paul McCarthy (Con) 742

Hazel Dawn Wright (Lib Dem) 1,033

Lib Dem hold 39.06 per cent turnout


Anthony Ronald Dixon (Con) 1,033

Roger Clive Sutton (Lib Dem) 244

Con hold 41.17 per cent turnout

Vale of the Red Horse

Trevor John Honychurch (Lib Dem) 179

Gillian Roache (Con) 719

Con hold 49.59 per cent


Roger Wright (Ind) uncontested

Ind hold

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