Labour candidate Lynnette Kelly calls for restoration of war plaques in Warwick district

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Calls have been made to fund a restoration project to restore damaged war plaques in the district.

Labour Party Parliamentary Candidate for Warwick and Leamington, Lynnette Kelly, has called upon Warwickshire County Council and Warwick District Council to look into the idea, in advance of the 100th anniversary of the start of the First World War in August.

She recently visited St Nicholas Park in Warwick which has an entire avenue of trees with memorial plaques to commemorate the names of fallen soldiers from the 
local area.

But she said they have been badly neglected, with some plaques broken and on many the names are very hard to read. Some are so badly damaged that the name is entirely missing, and in a few cases the whole plaque is entirely missing.

Lynnette Kelly said:“Right across the country, councils are rightly renovating war memorials and plaques in advance of the upcoming 100th anniversary of the First World War. Both Warwickshire County Council and Warwick District Council should look urgently into this across the local area, including the war plaques in St Nicholas Park.

“Whatever your view of war, we must respect the fact that many brave local people have died in the service of their country and their memorial plaques should be treated with utmost respect and properly looked after, not just forgotten about.

“I realise that both Warwick District Council and Warwickshire County Council are under significant financial pressure right now, but this is such a compelling cause that they need to treat it as a top priority.