The Conservative Party has maintained its hold in the Stratford District Council elections.

The party has also gained three seats on last year making the changes in the Burton Dassett, Harbury and Southam wards.

Labour has been knocked out completely with no candidates elected.

Hundreds of people crammed into the sports hall of Stratford Leisure Centre last Thursday morning in anticipation of the results.

Some were bleary eyed having had late nights when the votes were still coming in.

Coun John Appleton (Cons) won his seat on the Southam ward with 774 votes - replacing Labour's Carol Pratt.

He said: "I stayed until 1.30am to see them open the first of the Southam boxes. This is the first time I have ever stood for council so I am delighted to have been voted.

"I have enjoyed it enormously. This was very clean and straightforward."

Another candidate equally delighted to have been voted in was Anita Jayne McAulay who won the Wellesbourne seat.

She was up against Liberal Democrat Priscilla Jean Cook who didn't take the result too well.

Ms MacAulay said: "I am absolutely ecstatic and I have worked really hard in Wellesbourne. I have been working so hard to prove that I am a caring person - when I say I'll do something I will do it.

"All the people in the village worked damned hard for Wellesbourne. I'm just disappointed that my opponent did not shake my hand - that's bad sportsmanship."

One candidate who took her defeat in her stride was Shenagh Booth (LibDem). She lost her seat on the Harbury ward to Conservative candidate Eric Dally.

She said: "It was very close and I always expected it to be so. I had been hoping to stay on because I had lots of things to do - but it's not meant to be."

Jane Harrison maintained the Conservative hold on the Claverdon ward by beating Jeanne Lowe (LibDem) with 625 votes to 228.

She said: "I am delighted. I think we are going to make this a great council. The fact that all the Conservatives were voted in makes life a lot easier."

Leader of Stratford District Council Chris Saint said he was delighted his party retained control.

He said: "This was a very good result. I think we have appealed to the public and we have been working hard to get a good working party together - we certainly deserve this."

Stratford District Council elections:


Maurice Michael Huddleston Abney-Hastings (Cons) 665

Clifford Kingsley Meade (LibDem) 1,054

Matthew Squire Stephens (Lab) 110

Aston Cantlow:

Shahid Ahmad Juned (LibDem) 305

William Fettiplace Lawrence (Cons) 479


John Wallace Talbot Insoll (LibDem) 235

John Morris Winterburn (Cons) 453

Bidford and Salford:

Kim Antony James (Ind) 997

John William Sandle (Ind) 783

Burton Dassett: (Cons gain)

Sarah Jane Evans (LibDem) 279

Simon Hall Jackson (Cons) 536


Jane Hilary Harrison (Cons) 625

Jeanne Lowe (LibDem) 228


Adrian Alexander Benjamin Brabyn (LibDem) 306

Isobel Elizabeth Seccombe (Cons) 578


Jean (Shenagh) Wilhare Booth (LibDem) 770

Eric Joseph Dally (Cons) 847


Mark Andrew Edwards (LibDem) 444

Stephen Thirlwell (Cons) 1,052


Alan Clive Higgs (LibDem) 920

Richard George David Hurley (Cons) 643


Trevor William Joseph Russell (Cons) 897

Stephen Troup (LibDem) 778

Southam: (Cons gain)

John Robert Appleton (Cons) 774

Stuart David Ritchie (LibDem) 229

James Ernest Taylor (Lab) 632

Stratford Alveston:

Joan Ailsa Florence McFarlane (LibDem) 886

Lynda Margaret Organ (Cons) 1,162

Stratford Avenue and New Town:

Karen Dawn Parnell (Lab) 172

Juliet Dorothy Short (Cons) 939

Ronald Redvers Tredwell (LibDem) 684

Stratford Guild and Hathaway:

William John Dowling (LibDem) 981

Michael Leonard Perry (Cons) 1,169

Doreen Wright (Lab) 195

Stratford Mount Pleasant:

Charles Henry Bates (LibDem) 756

Laura Susan Main (Cons) 359

Ewan Geoffrey Lonsdale Wainwright (Lab) 86


Paul Anthony Beaman (LibDem) 972

Michael Anthony Gerrard (Lab) 152

William Paul McCarthy (Cons) 802


Mark Anthony Flower (Cons) 1,037

Karyl Arlene Rees (LibDem) 233


Priscella Jean Cook (LibDem) 1,132

Anita Jayne MacAulay (Cons) 1,265