Leamington dentist’s brush can help cure disease in under seven days

Dr Hani Mostafa
Dr Hani Mostafa

A Leamington dentist has invented a brush which can help to cure a chronic form of gum disease in less than a week.

Dr Hani Mostafa, of Dentistry at the Gallery in Leicester Street, had an independent study of his Gumsaver Gumbrush carried out on a patient with periodontal disease at the International Sharm El Sheikh Hospital in Egypt and this method of treatment proved to be fast and effective.

Dr Mostafa said: “I knew I’d struck onto something and have spent the last five years developing this product,

“I had no idea that in combining my product and Corsodyl Gel, a freely available gum health medicine from chemists, that the disease could be essentially eradicated within 90 hours. It depends on focus by the patient and support from their dentist.

“I would also welcome any dental health professional to contact me at Dentistry at the Gallery if they would like to know how it was done.”

Periodontal disease not only affects the mouth but can also have serious implications on a person’s general health.

The latest study published by Columbia University in the US claims that patients with periodontal disease can have a narrowing of their arteries of 0.1mm every three years.

As that person gets of it can equate to a two point three fold increase in your chance of a coronary event such as a heart attack or stroke compared to people without the disease. People with diabetes often suffer more from periodontal disease and significant evidence accepts that the links are strong.

Dr Mostafa said: “If your gums bleed, the likely cause is bacteria beneath your gumline,

“I don’t want people putting up with bleeding gums and I don’t want those bugs getting into their bloodstream and affecting their blood vessels.

“About 500 patients at our practice are benefitting from our understanding and using the Gumsaver.

“If anyone is in any doubt just buy some Corsodyl gel at the chemist and get a Gumsaver and use at a site in your mouth that bleeds. You should feel instant improvement but please be careful to follow any instructions on any medication.”

Periodontal disease is the most prolific disease known to man.

Many people live with bleeding gums only to find out by their late 40s or 50s that they have to lose their teeth.

Almost 90 per cent of adults in the UK will be affected at some point.