Black-out in Warwick district affects more than 700

Around 720 homes were affected by the power cut in Warwick district on April 19.

Around 720 homes were affected by the power cut in Warwick district on April 19.

More than 700 homes and businesses across Warwick district were affected by a power cut on Saturday night.

Courier readers reported a black-out on the Parade in Leamington, in Warwick town centre, in Lillington, Chase Meadow and numerous addresses across Leamington and Warwick.

Jack Bates of Risdale Close in Milverton wrote on the Courier’s Facebook page: “At 9.30pm on Saturday evening we experienced a two or three-second period when the lights almost went out. The TV picture went off temporarily and at least one item needed its date/time re-set.

“We thought it was just our house, but two more similar ‘droops’ occurred in the next hour and alarms sounded in the nearby streets. Don’t know why or how extensive the problem was affecting. Were you aware?”

Mr Bates’ post was responded to by several others, some of whom said they experienced a black-out four times during the evening.

A spokeswoman for Western Power Distribution, which supplies the power for Warwick district, told the Courier that around 720 customers in the area were affected by a power cut on Saturday, which was caused by an underground cable fault.

She said: “The majority of those customers - 710 - had their power restored within the hour and the remaining customers had theirs restored by 11pm.

“Repairs are ongoing, but they won’t affect supplies. There should not be any more interruptions while the work is taking place.”




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