‘We won’t pay’: parking fines in Leamington road spark public rage

Jacqui Guthrie with her parking tickets and  some of the other residents of Radford Road.

Jacqui Guthrie with her parking tickets and some of the other residents of Radford Road.

“Furious” is how a group of Leamington neighbours describe how they feel about being issued with parking tickets outside their homes - after some 20 years of parking there for free.

The residents of Radford Road - some of whom are disabled and some of whom have small children - are so annoyed by the sudden spurt of ticketing that they have formed a group especially to fight Warwick District Council on the matter.

Among them is Jacqui Guthrie, who acknowledges that there are double yellow lines along the road, but she said: “We have always parked on the pavement here. I have been here for more than 14 years and there are people who have lived here for 20 years. No one has been ticketed.

“Out of the blue, last Thursday, my car and lots of others were ticketed. Everyone is furious because there was no warning. They have done it all the way up Radford Road.

“There is mass public outrage.”

Ms Guthrie said she has been able to park at the back of her house, but she pointed out: “Several people do not have rear access. One of my neighbours has just had a baby and has three small children and he cannot park close to his house.

“None of us are going to pay. The council cannot just do this overnight.”

The newly-formed committee held its first meeting on Monday. Ms Guthrie said: “We are going to challenge the council on several grounds.

“We would like there to be a white line which will enable us to park here. They simply cannot take our parking away and give us no alternative. We would have liked for the council to have acted in best practice. They should have written to us and given us due warning.”

Gary Charlton, the district council’s parking services manager, said that the district council enforces the on-street parking regulations on behalf of Warwickshire County Council.

He said: “The restriction on Radford Road is in force from the centre of the road to the boundary line of properties which will mean that pavements fall within the restriction. This is why a number of vehicles have been issued with penalty charge notices for parking on the pavement.

“Until very recently the county council had asked that Radford Road be excluded from our patrols. This position has now changed and we have been instructed to enforce the restrictions in place.”

He said that anyone issued with a parking ticket has the right to appeal it.




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