Man, 54, charged with murder following airfield death of hunt supporter

A man has been charged with the murder of a Warwickshire hunt supporter who died after being struck by an aircraft on Monday.

The victim was Trevor Malcolm Morse, 48, of Alderminster, Stratford. He died shortly after the incident at Long Marston Airfield near Stratford at around 3pm.

A post mortem found the cause of Mr Morse's death to have been severe head injuries.

Two men, believed to be anti-hunt protesters, were arrested on Monday and taken to Leamington police station.

Magistrates granted police an extension to detain the men for further questioning until midnight on Wednesday.

And on that night, officers charged one of the men with murder and released the other on bail pending further inquiries. Police have confirmed that the incident involved a gyrocopter - a small, privately owned, lightweight, helicopter.

The circumstances of Mr Morse's death remain unclear but it is believed he was killed as the aircraft taxied along a runway after refuelling.

Complaints had been made to the Civil Aviation Authority by Warwickshire hunt supporters about a gyrocopter following them in recent weeks.

At the time of the Courier going to press the accused man was due to appear before magistrates in Nuneaton yesterday (Thursday).

His name had not been released by police.