New council housing scheme for Leamington of ‘poor design’

A professional local authority planner has raised concerns about the “poor design” of a proposal to knock down a former community centre in Leamington and convert it into 32 new homes.

The woman, who lives close to the site in Leicester Street, does not work for Warwick District Council but a neighbouring local authority. She preferred not to be identified, but feels so strongly that the application - put forward by Waterloo Housing - to demolish the Newbold Centre and convert it into 24 council-owned four-storey flats and eight council houses, is of a poor quality that she called the Courier to voice her concerns.

The woman said: “I not opposed to the application itself. My problem with it is the quality of the design. I don’t understand why somebody who lives in a council house should get a much poorer quality design than somebody who lives in a private house.

“The density of the proposal will be 70 dwellings per hectare. That’s far too high.

“It’s also right next to the council block at Kennedy Square, so the council is not fulfilling its aim of integrating social and private housing. I understand there is a need for the housing, but I don’t see why it has to be designed so badly.”

The Newbold Centre had been a day care centre run by Warwickshire County Council for people with learning disabilities but was closed in December 2012.

To view the application, visit and search using the reference ‘W/14/0679’.