Old Town pole dancing club refused sex entertainment licence

THE owners of a Leamington nightclub say they are “disappointed” after it was refused a sex entertainment licence for a second time.

Shades company secretary Lisa Ransford had applied for a licence to allow pole dancing at the Wise Street club after a previous application by the club was turned down last June.

Warwick District Council’s regulatory committee today (Thursday March 15) turned down the application on the grounds that it was in a residential area and because of its proximity to Leamington’s Hindu temple.

The club had offered to reduce its opening times, remove signs and close on nights on which the temple would be open.

But objectors had said allowing the club to operate would give the area a “sleazy” atmosphere and undermine work to regenerate the area.

Cllr Norman Pratt said the decision had not been easy, but the committee had “significant” concerns about whether the club would be appropriate to the character of the area.

Owner Robert Ransford said he was “disappointed” by the outcome.