Plans emerge for 700 homes and school expansion near Leamington and Warwick

Europa Way.
Europa Way.

A developer made up of Warwick-based charities is so keen to build new housing between Leamington and Warwick that it has spent £55,000 on submitting a second application in the space of a year.

The Europa Way Consortium has this week sent its proposal to built up to 735 houses on a 39-hectare site close to Europa Way, which includes land for Myton School to undergo a major expansion.

This comes one year on from the consortium’s previous application to build 800 homes on the site. But before the council came to consider this first proposal, its chief executive Chris Elliott put decisions on large developments on hold until after the Local Plan had made more progress.

The consortium is made up of the Warwick-base charitable trusts King Edward VIII, Oken and Gardner. Its chairman John Edwards said: “The Gardner trust is a family farm which has owned the land since 1545. All the income from the trusts’ investments go back into Warwick.

“We have spent £55,000 on this second application. We are not there as a builder going for financial gain. There is a legacy to go with this - the school’s expansion and the management of the green spaces surrounding the site.

“We think the green corridor incorporated into the site will make it a very attractive place to live and people will be very happy to live there.”

Mr Edwards said he lives in Warwick himself and so understands the concerns people have about increased traffic volumes, but he said: “The school will have two entrances for cars and children from this site will be able to walk or cycle using the paths that will run through the housing estate.

“We think it’s in the best interests of the town to get a Local Plan agreed so we can move forward and keep it in the local authority’s hands.”

To see the details of the consortium’s plan, visit or