Police arrest man over violence outside Leamington club

A MAN has been cautioned after Leamington nightclub door staff alerted the police to his violent behaviour.

Officers arrested the 20-year-old, from Long Itchington, in the early hours of Sunday following an incident in Tavistock Street. He was suspected of assaulting another man, causing him to suffer a cut to the head.

Staff at a nightclub in the area had called the police after witnessing the incident and detained the 20-year-old until officers arrived. Following questioning, he admitted the assault and was issued with a simple caution.

Anyone issued with such a caution may find that his or her current or future employers will be informed if he or she works in a position of trust or responsibility, such as a teacher, care worker, taxi driver, soldier or doctor. Plans to live, work, study or holiday abroad may also be put on hold as some countries will not allow people who have been cautioned to visit.