Radio One view - Warwick’s somewhere “up north”

Moira-Ann Granger (Mayor of Warwick)  2014 -2015 NNL-140527-200720009
Moira-Ann Granger (Mayor of Warwick) 2014 -2015 NNL-140527-200720009

Warwick mayor Moira-Ann Grainger kept a Radio One disc jockey guessing when she appeared during a special quiz feature in a live broadcast on Thursday.

Cllr Grainger was invited to appear on Greg James’ afternoon show in which he poses the question: “The Mayor of... Where?”

Greg then tries to guess where by asking a variety of questions.

After asking what her location’s biggest contribution to the Uk was, Moira-Ann said: “A much visited big building.”

Asked what the best gift shop souvenir would be she said: “a sword, shield or helmet” - but the dj didn’t immediately think of Warwick.

Instead he guessed Cambridge. Next he plumped for Nottingham before he and news reader Chris Smith tentatively suggesting perhaps it could be Warwick....before adding, surely that was “too far north.”

Moira-Ann was happy to enlighten the pair that Warwick was not too far north - it was right slap bang in the Midlands with the third most visited castle in the UK - second only to Windsor and Edinburgh.

Earlier she’d also offered clues by mentioning the annual folk festival and that it was a town with a university named after it.

When asked aboout its most famous inhabitant, the Conservative councillor for Warwick North was delighted to say it was a lady called Aethelfleid. Afterwards she said: “It was all a bit nerve-racking but I did my best to promote Warwick.”