Sean will represent NHS on aid trip to Tanzanian hospital

Sean White
Sean White

Representing the NHS and helping those who do not have easy access to health care is the aim of a Leamington medical student who is travelling to Tanzania this month.

Sean White, a 26-year-old second year nursing student at King’s College in London, is undertaking a month long nursing elective to Kilimanjaro from March where he will work at the Arusha International Conference Centre Hospital.

The busy hospital, at which Mr White will help on the maternity ward and also with patients with HIV, malaria, tropical disease and more general ailments.

Mr White said: “I’ve worked in the NHS for four years and I’ve got a real appreciation for the service.

“I want to be an advocate for the health service and to experience what people in other countries have to deal with a different level of service.

“I want to aid people who have to rely international education for medical care.”

Mr White said that the AICC hospital has 40 staff compared to Warwick Hospital which has about 1,500.

He will be working with three other students who have chosen the international elective.

He said: “It’s going to be pretty full on.

“There’s the language barrier to get past, it’ll be a complete culture shock and quite a big transition in the first week or so”.

“We’ll be working from Monday to Friday and in a volunteer house to start with but I have asked to stay with a host family so I can experience more of the Africa culture

Having won one of two scholarships on his course, Mr White will spend some time at Pennsylvania University Hospital in the USA next year.

He intends to study as a nurse for the time being before aiming to become a doctor.

Mr White is travelling to Tanzania with International Volunteer HQ which provides safe, quality and highly affordable volunteer abroad programs in developing countries all over the world.

Each it places thousands of volunteers on programs abroad and has a wide range of volunteering opportunities in more than 20 countries.

Mr White has used his student loan to make the trip possible but he is also appealing for sponsorship

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