The music is back: independent store set to take over from Fopp

Leamington will have a new independent record store in place of Fopp which closed in June.

The new shop, called Head, will be run by Fopp’s former manager Simon Delluntey and is scheduled to open on November 1.

Mr Delluntey, who worked for the retail chain for two years, feels the town is in need of another store to buy entertainment goods.

He said: “The people of Leamington will be pleased to see another place to buy their music, films and books.

“So far the reaction we have had has been very positive and people have been knocking on the window to ask what is going on. I think we are going to be very successful.”

Head will be located in the vacant space in the Royal Priors left by Fopp, which closed due to the financial collapse of the company.

But Mr Delluntey says Head will be free from the restrictions and pitfalls of being part of a national brand.

Reflecting on the demise of Fopp, Mr Delluntey said: “We were a profitable store but we got dragged down by the rest of the chain.

“Obviously HMV opened in the Royal Priors as well but that did not affect sales significantly.”

But despite similarities to Fopp in what Head will be selling, Mr Delluntey said the store will be better set to meet the customers’ needs.

He believes this will be achieved through the staff of Head, most of whom worked at Fopp and won a Godiva Award for their customer service skills during their time there.

“We are going to be similar to Fopp but obviously we want to do things better.

“As an independent shop, we will be able to hold stock which will reflect what the people of Leamington are buying rather than having to adhere to the instructions of head office.

“If you want to come in and talk to somebody about a certain book or CD, there will always be somebody here to do that.”

Mr Delluntey said he intends to have bands from the town performing regularly at the shop and hopes to allow musicians, artists and authors from Leamington and its surrounding areas to sell their work there.

Royal Priors manager Gerry McManus is delighted about the upcoming opening.

He said: “It is great news for the people of Leamington to have an independent record store in place of Fopp.”