UFO if you want to, the lights are Chinese lanterns burning

Something is out there - but it may not be what some of us think.

Readers from across the district have reported potential UFO sightings during the past few months.

But Whitnash town councillor Kitty Crutchley thinks she may have an explanation - and it has nothing to do with life on other planets.

The Coppice Road resident attended a party at Whitnash Sports and Social Club to celebrate a friend's 65th birthday on May 2, during which between ten and 15 Chinese lanterns were released into the sky.

She said: "They were spectacular and went away up in the sky. We watched them for ages - they must have travelled a very long distance in the Radford Semele direction.

"I was wondering if the people who reported the UFO sightings had seen these.

"They were about three by two feet and the colour of fire. They looked like some kind of glow in the sky - it really is beautiful to see them."

Coun Crutchley, who does not believe extra-terrestrial life exists, thinks the lanterns could have been floating for days and travelled a long way.

She added: "I know people reported sightings on different dates, but these lanterns are very popular now, so it could have been them that people had seen all the time."

Sightings of unidentified objects have been reported in Radford Semele, Kenilworth, Cubbington, Warwick Gates and Whitnash as far back as March.

Stargazers have described the objects as a "strange bright ball", "bright orange, portrait, oval lights", a "circular shape" and a "fireball" and some have said they appeared to be travelling at 50mph.

Touch Radio DJ and Courier columnist Ben Day also received calls from listeners who saw what looked like a fireball over Whitnash.

The cause of the lights so far remains unexplained.

Anyone who would like to report a sighting or thinks they have an explanation should telephone 457728 or email sara.fenton@leamingtoncourier.co.uk