Warwick theatre group supporting mental health charity

Members of Music Theatre Warwick
Members of Music Theatre Warwick
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A Warwick theatre group has been raising money for a mental health charity through an online challenge and a one-off auction.

The cast and crew of Music Theatre Warwick’s production of Sondheim’s ‘Follies’ are raising money for the Birmingham Centre for Arts Therapies, which uses the arts as a way of helping people cope with mental health problems.

The open mic night held at Bedford Street

The open mic night held at Bedford Street

Dammy Sokale of Music Theatre Warwick said: “By creating a safe environment with therapists they are able to help a wide range of communities through the arts.

“So far we have been doing a ‘High Kick Challenge’ on social media, where we challenge each other to do the highest kick we can and then nominate three other people to do the same.

“Everybody who is nominated has to donate on a giving page we have created.

“We also hosted a open mic night at Bedford Street where the cast sang songs and we had an auction bid for “promises”.

“There were all sorts of things people could bid for, ranging from a home cooked meal, to a date, to baked goods, to even a musical written about your life.”

The open mic night in Bedford Street raised £539.50 for the charity, and the money raised on the group’s online funding page is currently above £200.