Warwickshire UFO sightings - could they show we're not alone?

Is there anything out there? Could there be life on another planet?

Residents from across the district have been writing to the Courier with their strange UFO sightings following last week's article about an unidentified object over Radford Semele.

But the Brash family were not the only ones who have seen the disc-shaped objects hovering above the Leamington area.

Nicole Stanley from Kenilworth saw an orange or red fireball in the sky on May 3.

She said: "My friends and I were in a car park in Kenilworth when we saw this strange bright ball going through the sky.

"As it was travelling it was getting not as bright and smaller in the distance until it disappeared.

"It was a very strange experience, and when we tried to video the orange ball, it wouldn't appear on the camera.

"We didn't report it as we thought other people would have seen it as well but heard nothing until a week later," she said.

"I now believe there are other things out there than just humans."


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This is what I think

Phil Taylor, of Baxter Court, Leamington, noticed a strange object travelling towards Cubbington on March 20.

He said: "It was so amazing. I made a note of the time and date. It was on March 20 at 10.50pm.

"Three friends and I were leaving the Newbold Comyn Arms and when we reached the car park three strange lights caught our eyes.

"Looking from this position towards Beacon Hill on the common, we all witnessed three bright orange oval lights travelling in an arc formation towards, as far as we could judge, Cubbington.

"It would be difficult to estimate, but I would say they were not travelling very fast, maybe 50 mph.

"They were flying at a height of maybe 200 ft."

He added: "With hindsight we think that it may be possibly some sort of hoax or prank, oval lanterns, or balloons.

"Or do we indeed have visitors from another world?"

Warwick Gates resident Surinder Kaur saw a circular shape hovering above her home in March. She said: "I saw something a couple of months ago. My daughter and sister were in the back garden and I was in the front room and they called me to show me.

"It went out of my close and towards the main road. It was a circle and we could see a light going around.

"I was gobsmacked."

And it's not just Warwick District that they seem to be targeting. Leamington resident Janet Jesson was visiting friends in Bilton, Rugby, last Saturday when she saw suspicious lights in the sky.

She said: "It was around 10.30pm and there were three of them spread out but following each other.

"I don't believe in UFOs but it definitely wasn't an aeroplane."