Southam woman’s photojournal captures every day of the year

Photography by Paula Kirby.
Photography by Paula Kirby.

An amateur photographer from Southam is encouraging others to preserve a year of their life through images after completing a challenge to compile a 365-day photo journal.

Paula Kirby, who works as a customer services administrator, signed up to the photo blogging website, just over a year ago - and from that day on, she took a snap every single day and uploaded it to her diary - which has always been available for others to see and comment on.

Paula said: “When I first joined Blipfoto, I didn’t think I was good enough to share my pictures but, good days or bad days, I get honest comments and this helps me immensely. I love to know what people think of my photos. I also love looking at other people’s shots. Knowing that I need to take a picture daily makes me look more at what is around me.

“My photography skills have most certainly improved. Blipfoto has allowed me to learn more in one year than I have in the last decade. As I’m looking around me daily - I like to think, and hope, I can get something different each day and I find I’m naturally seeing pictures more now.”

And Paula has also enjoyed looking back on the year through her pictures. She said: “My journal it is a great memory trigger - every time I go back through my journal, I see a special shot that I had forgotten about that makes me both happy and proud.”

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