'We're fed up with rude and abusive customers breaking Covid rules' say supermarket workers in the Warwick district

It seems many people are continuing to flout the rules despite a rapid rise in Covid cases in the district

Thursday, 1st July 2021, 12:58 pm

Supermarket staff in the Warwick district say they are fed up with rude customers continuing to flout Covid regulations.

And then to top it off, some shoppers get abusive when they are told to stick to the rules.

Workers have been in touch with us to share their experiences anonymously of rude customers who are continuing to break the Covid regulations - designed to keep everyone safe.

Supermarket staff in the Warwick district say they are fed up with rude customers continuing to flout Covid regulations.

It is worth pointing out that the vast majority of customers are obeying the rules - but the minority are still causing problems with key workers in our supermarket.

One worker told us: "All we are asking is for people to show some respect. The rules are there to help everyone.

"Some people don't seem to care about social distancing rules and that is putting everyone at risk."We recently reported that staff in pubs and restaurants in the Warwick district are also receiving abuse when they politely challenge people who are not wearing masks or refuse to social distance. Click here to read more on this: Pub and restaurant staff in Warwickshire are being abused by customers who are refusing to wear face masksOne local supermarket worker said that a customer complained to her manager after the shopper failed to abide by social distancing rules.

"A man stood right next to me, almost touching me, and leaned over to snatch a sandwich I was putting down," she said.

"I jumped, moved back, looked at him and then looked away whilst he and others fought for the reduced food.

"He asked what was wrong and said that I won't be carrying on with my work until they move away and waited until I finished. He complained to management about me."

Another said: "I've had customers push through the barrier I am behind to reach something and when I ask them to please keep their distance until I'm finish they reply 'no'."

"Another time, a customer racially abused a member of staff when asked to wait behind a line due to social distancing."

One worker said people are still bringing more than one person to the supermarket when stores still advice that people shop alone where possible.

And another said people should be more aware that the district is currently experiencing an outbreak in Covid cases, so these measures are more important than ever.

"We just want to get home safely every day - that is not too much to ask," he said.

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