As Warwick market improves Hawkesford office gets facelift

Hawkesford Warwick
Hawkesford Warwick

The Hawkesford office in Warwick has had a facelift.

As the market continues to improve in Warwick and the surrounding areas Hawkesford felt it was time to improve the office as well.

Despite the approaching May election, the agency has experienced record sales and lettings so far in 2015 when there would normally be a marked difference in the sales market.

However, with the stamp duty amendments at the beginning of the year and interest rates being at their lowest since 2007, the opposite has occurred.

The investor market has seen an increase, which has been greatly helped by the amount of industry in the area - Jaguar Landrover and Baxi boilers to name but a few.

The commutability of Warwick and the surrounding areas makes travelling to London, Birmingham and beyond by rail or road quick and easy and adds to the attraction of settling in Warwickshire.

There is still a dearth of property for sale in the area and Hawkesford would be delighted to offer a full and professional service and can recommend a local independent ‘whole of market’ financial adviser who is able to provide the best advice and mortgage deal for each individual need.

So for the local agent with years of experience you would be hard pushed to find one better to handle the sale or purchase of a property than Hawkesford.