Is 2015 a good time to invest in property? - Yes

James Hawkesford
James Hawkesford

James Hawkesford, managing director of Hawkesford Estate Agents explains current market trends.

Election years often bring a certain amount of uncertainty to the property market and early indications would lead us to believe that this year is going to be no different.

My own view is that unless we get a BNP/UKIP/Monster Raving Loony Party coalition I doubt that much will change, whoever is elected.

There is a lack of property coming onto the market both at a local and national level, and if priced correctly any that does is sold very quickly and often before it is advertised in the press or on any of the web portals.

The sub £250,000 market is still very strong. This is where there is the highest demand, not only from the first time buyers, and those downsizing, but it is this sector where the majority investors buy in order to rent out, and also the area of the market most purchased by divorcees.

The changes to pensions that come into effect later this year could have a significant impact on the property market.

Instead of buying an annuity it will now be possible to take it as a lump sum and I feel that many will look at this option and buy a property to let out in order to provide an income into retirement.

So once again it will be the lower end of the market that sees the most pressure on prices and this will affect the people who can least afford it.

There is, however, more property beginning to be constructed now which will help relieve some of this pressure and the mortgage rates available are superb.

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So is 2015 a good time to invest in property? - Absolutely