One of the oldest women in Leamington celebrated her 105th birthday this week.

Annie Butler was born in Warwick on June 4 1897. She was one of four children.

She comes from a long-living family and has a younger sister who is now 95.

Mrs Butler said: "They've all lived to their 90s but I've made a record. I've led a very normal sort of life, nothing exciting."

She trained as a tailoress until 1921 when she married Edward Butler. He worked as a despatch rider during the first world war and she still has all his maps and medals.

The rest of the time he worked at a garage in Wood Street, Leamington and later at AP Lockheed. When he retired the couple moved to Hampshire where they stayed for 20 years.

Mr Butler died in 1987 and Mrs Butler returned to Leamington to be near her family.

She has one son, Peter Butler, four grandchildren and five great grandchildren aged between 18 months and 18 years.

Mrs Butler celebrated her 105th year with family and friends. She lives on her own in Kenilworth Road and still looks after herself.

She said: "I still cook - I like my own cooking."

She used to enjoy music and photography with a cine camera, and despite arthritis in her hands she still knits and sews.

When asked the secret of long life Mrs Butler she said: "I don't think I have one. I've never dieted or done anything spectacular. I've led a very ordinary life."

She added: "Things are very different now.

"Football used to stop at Easter and start in September and it was the same with food, you would get different vegetables at different times of the year.

"You used to look forward to things but now they're there all year round. It's quite a different life now."