Author who grew up in Leamington asks British-Asians to share their secrets about living in the UK

Ravinder Randhawa
Ravinder Randhawa

British Asians are being invited to share their secrets about living in the UK by an author who grew up in Leamington.

Ravinder Randhawa has released The Coral Strand, a story which highlights the glamour of power and privilege in British India and the fierce struggle between authority and freedom.

And the author’s Month of Secrets project, running in unison with the book release, invites British-Asians to anonymously ‘lighten their souls’ by submitting their secrets and thoughts by card or letter.

And these will later be posted on her website.

Ravinder said: “As a British-Asian, knowing the lack of opportunities for open discussion and debate, and fully aware of the role that secrecy and secrets play in the functioning of Asian society – given the complex and conflicting needs, rules and expectations – I’ve often wondered what goes on beneath the surface, under the skin, within the mind. Thus, the ‘Month of Secrets’ project is being initiated.

“British-Asians are invited to anonymously submit their secrets and thoughts.

“The aims are to allow people to unburden themselves, to make others think and reflect, and provide a snapshot of British-Asian society.”

The Coral Strand, set mainly in 1940s Mumbai, is themed around tradition, knowing your place, hierarchy and how it is still relevant in the UK.

Each year, the protagonist Sita makes a mysterious journey to the Mausoleum, the place of dark memories.

“She goes to spy on the two ‘guardians’ she’d run away from and on whom she’d taken a daring revenge. But this year proves to be fatefully different. The terrible, and heartbreaking secrets of the past are starting to emerge.

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