‘Bald’ move gives kiss of life for cancer patients

As fundraisers go, this one was certainly a ‘bald’ move.

Grandmother Ruby Broomfield from Loxley and her colleague Dr Maeve Chappell, who both work for National Grid in Warwick, had all their hair shaved off in front of crowd of 3,000 work colleagues to raise money for grants to help people with cancer heat their homes.

Hairdresser Charlotte Passey from Leamington assisted with the close shave last Wednesday (March 11) at National Grid’s head office in Warwick.

Both women have individual motives for wanting to do the challenge.

Ruby, aged 60, said: “I’m very aware that I’m right in the high-risk demographic for cancer. Five in ten people in my age bracket are currently living with cancer, six of my friends have battled with cancer, many of our National Grid colleagues are living with cancer, so I’m very aware of the significance of the hair loss, especially for women.

“But this isn’t about trying to show solidarity with those women – how could we? Our hair will grow back, we don’t have a life-threatening illness. But we felt we needed to do something and it needed to not only raise a lot of money but also be symbolic.”

Maeve, aged 51, added: “We wanted to do something big, and visual, and obvious to raise funds.

“We want people to ask us why two ‘mature’ ladies had all their hair shaved off.

“This event and us walking around the office with no hair is stimulating some great conversations about cancer and the emotional and physical challenges that brings.

“We’re an energy company and people undergoing treatment often feel the cold more, are at home more and therefore use more power to heat their homes.

“There’s a cost implication to this and that’s where the grants we’re raising funds for come in.”

National Grid employees are hoping to raise £500,000 over two-years for MacMillan and have so far raised just short of £300,000. Ruby and Maeve are £3,000 off their £8,000 target which National Grid as a company have said they will match pound-for-pound.

To donate, visit Maeve and Ruby’s just giving site - www.justgiving.com/National-Grid-DaretoBare-Headshave-Challenge-2015.