Bishops Itchington villagers in plea to keep their trusted postman on his round

Bishops Itchington postman Dave Madden
Bishops Itchington postman Dave Madden

Villagers in Bishops Itchington are trying desperately to ensure their current postman is kept on his round.

Dave Madden has received praise from several villagers for his friendly manner and efficiency.

They have taken to the Bishop’s Itchington Community public Facebook page to express their concern that Mr Madden could be taken off the round and replaced - which can happen if, like in this case, another postman wants to apply to take it on after a few years.

One villager, Rose Scott said: “He’s the most efficient postie we have had in years, he cares about people, keeps an eye out for the elderly, he’s very polite and loves his job.”

Another, Hazel Bulyka, added: “I certainly wouldn’t want to be the person who is taking over from him as he or she has a very hard act to follow.

“The Post Office should listen to its customers and leave Dave where he is.

“He is the best postie ever.”

Not only have the villagers grown very fond of Mr Madden but they are also worried a postman who has less or no experience of the round might make mistakes.

Sheldon Overs said: “It’s clear when he goes away as we all suddenly get others’ post and don’t get parcels.

“So not only is he the nicest postie ever he also is great at the job.”

Mr Madden is not on Facebook but his daughter Bronya has responded to the posts on the village page and said: “My dad really does appreciate all the support and kindness you all show towards him.

“They’ve said that they’ll keep him on the round at least up until Christmas time and then may review it afterwards.”

Villagers are considering starting a petition to send to the Royal Mail to help Mr Madden keep the round and they have also written to the company is support of the postman.