Burton Dassett twins to play for 24 hours to raise £10,000

Jess and Seb Foxwell.
Jess and Seb Foxwell.

Twins from Burton Dassett will be teaming up for a 24-hour concert to raise money for a hospital that saved one of the duo’s future in music.

Seb and Jess Foxwell, who are aged 12, both have a passion for music. Seb plays the trumpet and piano and Jess plays the flute, piccolo and piano.

They both play with the National Children’s Orchestra of Great Britain and study music on Saturdays at Birmingham Junior Conservatoire.

The pair have shared their talents with the local churches of Northend and Burton Dassett by helping with services and have raised almost £5,000 by giving concerts in Rowington church.

Their passion for music began when the twins were aged four, when they used to play with the piano. They started piano lessons soon after turning five.

When Seb was aged six he fell over whilst he was rushing to show his mum something he learnt on the piano and severed both tendons in his index finger of his left hand.

Lisa Foxwell, Seb and Jess’s mum, said: “His finger was floppy from the knuckle and an initial tendon repair failed to work. He was subsequently put in the care of Birmingham Children’s Hospital, where he had five operations including a complete tendon reconstruction, where a tendon was removed from his wrist and put into his hand.

“He had months off school, months of physiotherapy and even now he only has partial bend in his finger. He started the trumpet as he figured he wouldn’t need that hand and took his first three exams sitting with his injured hand in a cast.

“Without Birmingham Children’s Hospital, the skills of his surgeon Andrea Jester and the superb care he received he wouldn’t have any bend in his fingers and wouldn’t be able to play music.”

Jess who also continued to follow her passion passed her grade eight flute with distinction at the age of nine and has gone on to achieve distinctions in both her Advanced Performance Certificate and her ATCL diploma.

The twin’s practice and playing now plays a large part in their daily lives.

Both children now want to use their musical talents to do something in return for the care and treatment Birmingham Children’s Hospital gave to Seb.

Lisa said: “When Seb was an inpatient at the children’s hospital, both twins felt really upset at the illnesses and suffering some children have to go through and desperately wanted to do something to help.

“They wanted to give something back also as a way of saying thank you for the help and care he received.”

The pair have decided to play their instruments for 24-hours, where one or the other will play the entire time, in an effort to raise £10,000. So far they have raised nearly £2,000.

The playathon will be held in Burton Dassett church on Friday May 26 at 4pm to 4pm on Saturday May 27.

To donate go to: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/The-Foxwell-Twins