Bus routes scrapped in district-wide Stagecoach changes

Major changes are on the way to bus services across the district after Stagecoach announced it will scrap or merge routes this summer.

Wednesday, 27th April 2016, 9:19 am
Updated Wednesday, 27th April 2016, 12:49 pm

Stagecoach Bus has released early details of plans to change a number of routes serving Warwick, Leamington and Kenilworth from Monday June 6.

Steve Burd, managing director of Stagecoach said while some changes will bring improvement, others will see services lost but that all are necessary to address low usage, change in council contracts and traffic congestion.

He said: “We need to tackle traffic congestion which has major effects on our services and running times. We also need to look at poorly used services and standardising routes to address those.

“Lastly, the changes are to address a review of services being made by Warwickshire County Council and tenders.

“We need to make sure our services are commercially viable and we can address these major traffic problems.”

The new timetable could mean complete removal of the X15 and x16 services - with these routes picked up by changes to other buses including the X17.

The X17 which runs between Kenilworth, Leamington and Warwick, will be extended to visit Chase Meadow and the A46 to replace the journey made by the X16.

The X18 will run every 30 minutes from Coventry to Leamington, to be extended along Myton Road to Warwick, Barford and Wellesbourne.

The 68 will continue to run every 30 minutes with alternative journeys via Chase Meadow and Hampton Magna.

And a new X68 service will run via Warwick Hospital, Leek Wootton, Rouncil Lane, Kenilworth and Coventry to replace routes lost in the X16.

Hourly services will run between Bishops Tachbrook and Leamington via Heathcote Lane, Tachbrook Park Drive, Leamington Shopping Park and the railway station. 

Additional early morning and evening journeys will be covered by an extension to the Stagecoach G1 service.

Stagecoach’s 86 service will no longer operate between Kenilworth and Coventry.