Accountants celebrate 10 taxing years

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A Kenilworth firm of accountants is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

Michael Hinett and Christina Ward are owners of MyTax Accountants which started from offices in Station Road but has since moved to Bridge Street.

Christina founded her business in 2004 after realising that tax was something she was passionate about.

She said: “While tax may not be everyone’s passion I had an overwhelming vision to simplify it for small businesses - after all when you are a small business owner you need to spend your valuable time with your clients, not HMRC.”

Christina holds a physics degree yet found herself in the world of financial services soon after graduating. Then with over 12 years seeing first-hand the complexity of tax Christina moved into accounting with her vision to change the way it is done and provide a better service.

Michael joined as a business partner last year bringing additional experience in the areas of Inheritance Tax and Capital Gains Tax.

Christina grew up in Cheshire and Michael in Bristol but both love working in Kenilworth. Christina added: “It has a real sense of community and solidarity amongst the small businesses,”

Christina’s philosophy to simplify tax was enabled in-part by recent advances in ‘cloud’ accounting software.

MyTax can offer a service that allows clients to see and control their business finances online. ‘Cloud’ means that your bookkeeping information is available to you wherever you are.

Michael said: “One of the benefits of cloud accounting for us is the ability to see our clients’ bookkeeping in real-time. This means we can see any issues and help immediately.”