Ex-Brakes player aims to improve health at work

Jon Burgess
Jon Burgess

Health and wellness expert and former Leamington FC player Jon Burgess has launched a new programme designed to improve
performance and reduce sickness-related absence in the workplace.

Jon from Radford Semele said he was ‘truly staggered’ to discover the huge cost of absenteeism and ill-health to the UK economy and is passionate to tackle the problem head on.

Jon said: “It’s estimated that over £32 billion is lost each year to absenteeism and ill-health, but the impact goes much further. Too many people regularly feel unwell or burnt out and even those who make it to work say they often struggle to function at their best.

“I know from personal experience that achieving good health can be a real challenge, especially when there is so much conflicting advice around. However, making a few lifestyle changes to our daily routines can have a significant impact on both physical and mental performance in our personal and professional lives.

“Over the last 20 years I have learnt from some of the best teachers in the health and wellness industry and since helping my clients to drink more water, make better nutritional choices, optimise their sleep, understand stress and learn how to manage it better, I have seen some fantastic results. Over the years I’ve had many clients comment on how they enjoy more restful sleep, feel more relaxed and have more energy and better mental clarity. I’ve also noticed that these improvements have boosted their professional lives too. It’s common that the positivity of better physical and mental performance can lead to business growth, career development and personal success.”

Jon is now sharing his knowledge with a wider audience through his new ‘Believe2Achieve Health and Wellness Programme’.

Jon said: “I’m inviting employers to the launch of the programme so they can discover how it can help improve staff performance and attendance - and ultimately increase company productivity.”

To book your free place at the launch, which takes place from 7.30pm to 9.30pm at The Court House Ballroom in Warwick on Wednesday April 22, call Jon on 07787 502544.