Formation helps to boost firm’s web presence


A Warwick-based digital design agency is helping the UK’s leading manufacturer of trailer components to fight back against cheaper foreign competition.

Formation Design was called in after Bradley Doublelock, a British manufacturer producing components for the light trailer market, recently came under increasing threat from cheaper, overseas competitors who sell on price rather than quality.

So now the Yorkshire-based traditional British manufacturing icon has brought Formation into the attack with a £50,000 campaign to convert its web presence into a potent online marketing tool that delivers a broader technical and commercial communication with its customers.

Martin Gordon, managing director of Formation Design, said: “Bradley is like the ‘Rolls Royce’ in its own field but it has suffered at the hands of cheaper competitors who have delivered reasonable quality products at cheaper prices, which is always going to appeal in a depressed economy. We wanted to provide three new websites and deliver an online marketing campaign to educate the market again about who Bradley is rather than who it was.”