Osteopath celebrates 35 years in practice

Jane O’Connor, founder of The Osteopathic Practice, celebrates 35 years as a qualified osteopath and 32 years in practice in Leamington.

Jane qualified at the British School of Osteopathy in London in 1979 and has been treating patients in Leamington since 1982. She is also a qualified medical acupuncturist, a Low-Level Laser therapist and a certified Niel-Asher technique practitioner for frozen shoulder.

Jane said: “After qualifying, I worked at a charity clinic in Birmingham which was established ‘to provide osteopathy for all, regardless of income’. It was here I developed my interest in what was then termed ‘geriatric osteopathy’.

“Older people were being dismissed by their GPs as just suffering from old age or general wear and tear, but I realised there was so much I could do to improve their mobility and relieve their pain. My oldest patient was 102.”

Jane opened her first practice in Leamington, above a shop in Warwick Street. She founded The Osteopathic Practice in Campion Terrace in 1987 and has been there ever since.

The practice now employs two other highly experienced osteopaths - Neil Lunt qualified in 1996 and joined the practice immediately after; he specialises in treating babies and infants.

Tanya Campbell is a qualified Low-Level Laser therapist and particularly skilled at prehabilitation, the process of strengthening the musculature around the joints before hip and knee surgery to aid a speedy recovery.

Between them they offer a wide range of therapies, including cranial osteopathy and medical acupuncture. Jane combines her expertise with a love of dogs and can treat all kinds of canine joint problems with massage, manipulation and electrotherapy.

“Low-Level Laser helps to accelerate healing in tendons, tissue, muscles and ligaments in both people and dogs,” says Jane. “It’s completely non-invasive and reduces pain and inflammation whilst promoting repair.”

To celebrate 35 years in practice, Jane is offering £10 off all treatment fees until the end of July for anyone over 65. Call 01926 335932 to book.