Sarah, 23, takes on education franchise

Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown has a real passion for education and working with children.

The former Castle Sixth Form student from Kenilworth has taken over the Kumon Education franchise in Leamington.

Sarah said: “I am the youngest person to take on a franchise with Kumon at the age of 23. Prior to taking on the centre I worked as an area manager for Kumon, managing several franchises across the West Midlands, one of these being Leamington. I fell in love with this centre and when the chance to buy it came along I gathered all my savings to buy the franchise.

“I have a real passion for education and working with children. At school I often found that I was left behind in maths lessons, and never truly mastered some topics, such as simultaneous equations.

“Like many modern-day students I was prepped for the exam, and did achieve a grade A, but beyond that point the maths skills I had gained were largely lost. It was only when starting my previous job at Kumon I found that I had truly mastered these grey topic areas, and was able to confidently study up to university entry level mathematics.

“Kumon not only focuses on developing the academic abilities of students in maths and English, it also improves their work skills.

“I thoroughly enjoy working with the students at the centre, and take great pleasure in watching them master concepts on their own. Seeing a student have the ‘ah ha’ light bulb moment in priceless, and its something I aim for every child to experience.

“I am an extremely motivated individual, who has achieved a first class degree from Exeter University.

“The centre has a fantastic reputation, having been open for 14 years, and I hope to maintain this going onwards.”

The centre operates out of St Mary’s church hall every Tuesday 3.30-6pm and every Friday 3.30-6.30pm.