Childhood friends bringing eco-friendly products to Warwick district

Two childhood friends have joined forces to create a business that specialises in eco-friendly products.

Claire Cobbold and Nicola Crofts, have known each other since they were five years old when they both lived in Scotland. Now the pair both live in Leamington and have set up company ‘Reyousable’.

Claire Cobbold and Nicola Crofts with some of their products.

Claire Cobbold and Nicola Crofts with some of their products.

They research and source eco-friendly products, which are made from a range of recycled and recyclable materials, which they showcase at events and fairs across the Midlands as well as on their website.

They said: “We were aware of the issue of single-use plastic pollution and were aware of people who were trying to find an alternatives that worked well – us included.

“Before we thought we were doing the right things by recycling plastic but it’s only when you properly look into the issue you realise how bad it is and that the infrastructure isn’t there.

“Our first event was the Leamington Food Festival in September 2018. After the festival we set up a website and blogs featuring articles such as ‘how to pick the right coffee cup for you’. You have to try and make sure that you are buying once and buying it right otherwise you end up with a cupboard full of coffee cups or throwing them away.

Some of the various products from Reyousable.

Some of the various products from Reyousable.

“One of our passions is letting people meet the range of products, pick them up and ask about them. People need different types of coffee cups. Everyone has different tastes. If you are going to be carrying it around with you it’s more like an accessory.

“It is also about making people aware about plastic waste and making it easier for them to make the switch. It’s not about making people feel guilty it’s just about awareness.

“So many businesses have started to make changes from single-use plastic such as Aubrey Allen, who encourage people to bring their own containers. We want to make it the norm and the more places that tackle single-use plastic the more it will become normal.

“It is the responsibility all along the chain to tackle plastic waste. It is important to know what you are buying, how you are buying it and what happens to things at the ends of its life. We are too used to throwing things away.”

Products available from ‘Reyousable’ include coffee cups, water bottles, produce bags, beeswax food wraps and straws.

Claire and Nicola added: “We do all the research for people and make sure what we are buying is using plastic that is recycled or can be recyclable. Any product we have, we insist on making sure we use it as we need to be able to vouch for it.

“We also teamed up with BID Leamington to create the ‘Love Leam’ coffee cups and we are also collaborating with Stonemonkey in Binswood Street in Leamington.

“From May 14 a selection of reusable cups and bottles will be on sale there and customers will be able to do a free ‘click and collect’ for any online orders from our website."

Claire and Nicola will also be attending Eco Fest in Leamington on May 5.

In this week's editions of the Leamington Courier, Warwick Courier and Kenilworth Weekly News there is a coupon for 15 per cent off at Reyousable which can be redeemed at their stall at Eco Fest and online on their website.

To visit the Reyousable website click here