Clubs and Groups: K-Z

Clubs and Groups guide continued:

Contact Julia Travis on 01926 457724 or email to add your listing to the Clubs and Groups guide.


Phoenix Wado Ryu Karate Club.

Karate Club, Leamington. Tony Johnson 853552.

Warwickshire Wado-Ryu Sport Karate Association. Diane Powell 01789 470725. Karate Association.

Kenilworth Bridge Club

Kenilworth Flower Club. Lesley Cross 501514.

Kenilworth Footpath Preservation Group.

Kenilworth History and Archaeology Society. Chairman Mark Barnard 854202

Kenilworth Townswomen's Guild. Chair Betty Collett 853379.

Kenilworth Twinning Association. Muriel Bastock 857387

King Henry VIII Charity. Clerk and receiver Mr R J Wyatt 495533.


Laser Fund Appeal. Chairman Mrs M E Tombs 400407.

League of Friends, Leamington Rehab Hospital. Chairperson Miss S Parish 423789.

League of Friends South Warwickshire Combined Care Trust. Contact Mrs E Hutt 492760.

League of Friends, Warwick Hospital. Secretary Mrs P Round 423013.

Leamington Cycling and Athletics Club

Leamington Chamber Orchestra, contact Bernard Sutton, 01788 816468.

Leamington and Warwick Magic Society. Contact Martin Key, 01295 788206.

Leamington and Warwick Rotaract. Social and fundarising group for 18 to 30s. Meets at Roebuck, Smith Street, Warwick. Call Matt on 07761 205097.

Leamington Old Town Association. Secretary Mr T Holloway 771772.

Leamington Lemmings Ultimate Frisbee Group.

Leamington Society. Contact Geoff Wilson 427600.

Guide to Leamington.

Leukemia Research Fund. Secretary Mrs S Hitchman 812028.

Lillington Community Association. Chairman and secretary Ron and Michelle McCarins 771781.

Leamington Lions Club Secretary Di Coldman 01926 431498

Lions Club, Warwick. Contact Mr N Chisholm 426438.

Warwick Lions Club

Kenilworth Lions Club. Contact Peter Thomas 854026.

Kenilworth Lions Club

Line Dancing, Silver Dollar, Jenni Fuller 01926 492183

Literary Society, Leamington. Mrs M Watkins. 425733.

Local History Society, Warwickshire. Mr P Phythian-Adams, secretary 429671.

Low Key Club. Contact Martin 854135.

Luncheon Club, Moreton Hall. Secretary Mrs J Smith 613789.


Magic Society, Leamington and Warwick. Mr J Rush, 332302.

Gilliland Martial Arts Academy, Leamington.

Kenilworth Martial Arts Club, Abbey Hill Reform church, Abbey Hill, Kenilworth, Jonathan Davies, 01926 512208.

ME Support Group, Coventry and Warwickshire. Contact Sandy Miller 496841.

Meditation Society, Leamington. Co-ordinator Miss C Blackwall 494279.

Metabolic Disease in Children. Contact Mr J Hall 498733.

Model Flyers, Warwick. Chairman G Whenham 812367.

Motor Neurone Disease Association. Contact Liz Heritage 422452.

Motorcycle Club, Leamington Victory. Secretary Mr A Halford 613202.

Coventry and Warwickshire Motor Club. Graham Gould 01926 853769.

Multiple Sclerosis Society. Chairman Mr John Canning 01926 427291/0785 4122972.

Multiple Sclerosis Society, Friends of Helen Ley Chairperson Mrs B Sheppard 777367.

Music Centre, Leamington and Warwick. Director Simon Grimshaw 886271.

County Music Service.

Henry's Music Club, Stoneythorpe Hotel, Warwick Road, Southam. Contact Nick Chimes, 01926 813861.

Musical Society, Leamington and Warwick. Secretary Martin Key 01926 311876.

Monkey Music - preschool music and movement, contact Claire Haydock 01789 290103.


National Association of Widows. Chairman Cynthia 494057.

National Childbirth Trust, Warwickshire Central. Secretary Sarah Hawkins 0870 421 4650.

National Trust, Mid Warwickshire centre. Secretary Miss J Johnstone 424841.

Natural History Society, Warwick. Secretary Celia Rickers 852238.

National Women's Register. Local organiser Neuropathy Trust. Tom Clark 852232. Mrs S Furness 642093.

Newbold Comyn Area Residents' Association. Chairman Mr M Shelly 424005.

NSPCC, South Warwickshire branch. Secretary Janet Barlow. 01789 205495


Old Leamingtonians Rugby Football Club.

One World Link. Chairperson E M Hodkin 312593.

Open House, Warwick

Open Spaces Society. Contact Mr P Gatenby 497516.

Opera Group, Leamington. Secretary Mrs P Stovell 421774.

Orchestra, Beauchamp Sinfonietta. Secretary Mrs E Robson 402141.

Orchestra, Leamington Chamber. Chair Mr Bernard Sutton, 01788 816468.

Orchestra, Leamington Sinfonia. Conductor, Jennie Barrie 01789 269566.

Orchestra, Warwick Symphony. Secretary Mrs S Joseph 335906.

Orchestra, Warwickshire Youth. Director Ray Hutchinson 412172.

Organ and Keyboard Society. Chair Mr Saunders 01926 407873.


Parkinson's Disease Society. Chairperson Mrs M Grimwood 337695.

Parrots. Contact P Pell-Walpole 651912.

Peace Festival, Leamington. Chairperson Steff Hutchinson 421830.

PHAB. Dave Skinner 401652.

Philatelic Society, Leamington and Warwick. Nick Bridgwater 01926 423685.

Photographic Society, Leamington. Secretary Jane Goodman 01789 841816.

Phoenix Players, Warwick. Ian Warwick 01926 496746

Physically Handicapped Club, Young Adults. Secretary Mrs B Morris 496832.

Pigeon Homing Society, Warwick and District. Secretary Mr D Cooper 492490.

Plant Heritage (NCCPG). Secretary Mr K W Joy 864179.

Playbox Theatre. Contact 419555.

Prayer Book Society. Secretary Mr P Bolton 840814.

Priory Theatre, Kenilworth. Chairman Stephen Boden 854047. Priory Theatre, Kenilworth

Probus Club I, Warwick. Secretary Mr I M Woods 843322.

Probus Club II, Warwick. Secretary Mr S O Kenrick 492672.

Probus Club, Leamington. Secretary Mr K D Ambler 428204.


Quarry Park Disc Golf Club (Frisbee), contact Derek Robins, 01926 864136.

Qigong - Contact Kate Britton 451163


Rabbit Club, Leamington. Secretary Mr P D Hampton 771102.

Radio Warneford. Contact 401402.

Rail Users Association, Solihull and Leamington. Secretary Mr J B Tucker 312250.

Railways - Gloucestershire Warwickshire. Secretary Mr R Ward 497360.

Railways - Heart of England Rail Society Secretary Mr J B Gosling 422680.

Railways - Model Railways Society. Secretary Mr S Ridgway 722116.

Rapport Social Group.

Ramblers Club (Leamington) Alan 01926 498668

Recorder Players Society. Secretary Mrs H Jones 01203 374974.

Red Cross Society, county branch. Director Mr P Webb 832446.

Reading Group. Contact Lousie Griffiths 883804.

Results. Contact Sheila Davis 435430.

RNLI, Leamington Branch. Secretary Miss J Johnstone 424841.

RNLI Warwick Ladies Lifeboat Guild. Secretary Mrs C Lord 492757.

Kenilworth Rock'n'Roll Club.

Rotaract Club, Leamington and Warwick, contact Matt Dyer, 07761 205097.

Rotary Club, Leamington. Secretary Jim Skinner. 01926 429289.

Rotary Club, Warwick. Secretary Mr R Joyner. 491516.

Rotary Club, Warwick Avon. Secretary Mr A Hingley 883177.

Rotary Club of Southam. Secretary Jean Foster 812003.

Rotary Club, Kenilworth. Contact Bernard Beadle 01926 855927.

Mid-Warwickshire Rotary Clubs.

Rotary Club of Leamington Spa Regency, breakfast club. Meet 7.15am, Falstaff Hotel, Leamington. Contact 312044.

Round Table, Leamington and District Contact Mr A Hunter 856629.

Warwick Round Table. Damian Ferguson, chairman.

Round Table, Southam. Mark Chizlett 024 7653 2900.

Royal Air Forces Association. Secretary Mr M D Harrison 428767.

Royal British Legion, Leamington. Treasurer, Mrs S C Maltby, 334204.

Royal British Legion, Warwick. Contact Mr I Stevens 858604.

Royal Naval Association, Leamington. Contact 881391.

Royal Naval Association, Warwick. Secretary Mr A Fletcher 775475.

Royal Scottish Country Dance Society. Secretary Mr A R Wright 01788 814728.

Royal Warwickshire Regimental Association. Secretary Mr A Buckingham 493032.

RSPB, Coventry and Warwickshire. Group leader Alan King 02476 727348.

Leamington Rugby Club.

Warwickian Rugby Club. Deane Atkins 078100 46878.

Old Leamingtonians Rugby Football Club.


Sambassadors of Groove (School of Samba). Russ Hinks 01788 542384.

Save the Children Fund, Leamington and Warwick branch secretary P Turner 336783.

Scout Council, Warwick District Dist commissioner, Dave Bramston 315916.

Scouts, Leamington District. Dist commissioner John Sharpe 420843.

Scouts, Kenilworth.

Sea Cadet Corps, Leamington and Warwick. Contact Vickie Weavill 01926 887765.

Sea Rangers, Warwick. Leader Mrs A Holmes 339326.

Sealed Knot Society, Prince Maurice's. Contact Miss C Buckley 494183.

Sealed Knot Society, Sir Henry Bard's. Area representative Mr J Stowe 495646.

Senior Citizens Club, Emscote. Secretary Mrs S Perry 402051.

Share Race, Leamington. Treasurer Mr C Davis 422056.

Leamington Sinfonia (Orchestra).

Small Business club, Warwickshire. Membership Mr A Johnson 855491.

Greater Warwickshire Sport.

Social Club, Breakaway. Contact 401447.

Social Club, Rapport. Contact Jenny 335904.

Social Club, Simply Social.Contact Tony 338812 or Brian 01203 543421.

Songline. Informal Singing Workshop. Bruce Knight 01926 778454

Soroptimist International of Leamington and Warwick. Secretary Miss R Went 854704.

Kenilworth Soroptimists. Jane Woods-Scawen 858225

Spa Theatre Company. Wendy Miller. 01926 422686.

Spa Speakers.

Speakers Club, South Warwickshire. President Mr A Johnson 855491.

Spasight 2000 (tackling blindness in Pakistan). Chris Begg. 01926 423822.

Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. Area Adviser Mrs J Green 511206.

St John Ambulance Brigade. County commander Mr D T Hopkins 01203 696521.

Stratford Concert Orchestra. Andrew Swinn 01789-763954.

Spa Striders.

Stagecoach Theatre Arts School. Principal Mrs P Stovell 313660.

Steam Engine Society, Warwickshire. Secretary Mr T H Charman 338041.

Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society. Contact Mrs Jane Brandist 863358.

Leamington Swimming Club. Mr S.Poole 01926 772418.

Leamington and Warwick Sub-Aqua Club.

Suzuki String Group, Warwick District. Contact 412172.


Leamington & District Table Tennis Association.

Tai Chi. Contact Chris Simpson 612560.

Tai Chi (Southam).

Leamington Tennis and Squash Club.

Tinnitus Support Group. Mrs S Howkins 01926 413706.

Leamington Tourist Guide.

Tortoise Welfare. Contact Linda Bones 02476 407515.

Townswomen's Guild, Leamington afternoon. Secretary Mrs J Lindley 832629.

Townswomen's Guild, Leamington south. Secretary Mrs J Howard 420029.

Townwomen's Guild, Lillington evening. Secretary Mrs E Wadsworth 429029.

Townwomen's Guild, Sydenham evening. Secretary Mrs W Neale 402314.

Townswomen's Guild, Warwick Woodloes. Secretary Mrs J Taylor 493617.

Trefoil Guild, Leamington. Chairman Anne 427811.

Tumble Tots. Contact Samantha Rooke 337800.

Twinning Association, Leamington Spa. Membership secretary Mr H Cooper, 421661.

Twinning Association, Warwick. Chairman Mr J Hodgetts 493216.

Twinning Association, Whitnash. Secretary Mrs B Sparkes 770107.

Twins Club, Leamington and District. Contact Angie Clifton 614085.


United Nations Association. Chairperson Mr G Clare 338430.

University of the Third Age. Secretary Mrs B Durgan 315214.

Upper Avon Navigation Trust Ltd. Manager Mr D Hutchings 01386 870526.


Vegetarians, Coventry and Warwickshire. Amy Eagles 07798 221946.


War Games Club. Secretary Mr S L Price. 494980.

Warwick Society. Chairman Mr R Chamberlain 492901.

Warwickshire Association of Women Graduates. Secretary Miss M Lawson 429157.

Warwickshire Family Histroy Society. Contact Diane Lindsey 01788 832210.

Warwickshire Gardens Trust. Membership secretary Mrs S Fryer 01789 841615.

Warwick Natural History Society. June Read. 01926 842476

Warwick Vintage Tractor and Machinery Society. Andy Bean 817934.

Warwickshire Wildlife Trust. Director, Dr A Tasker 01203 302912.

Weavers, Spinners and Dyers. Chairman Mrs N Ames 01203 452702. Wellesbourne Amateur Dramatic Society.

Welsh Society, Leamington and District. Secretary Mr N J L Roach 338102.

West African Drumming & Dance. Sam Elvyhart 07989 928225.

Western Front Association. Chairman Mr C Baker 336101.

Whitnash Tennis Club

Whitnash Tennis Club is a small but friendly tennis club, offering 2 all-weather courts. In addition it offers competitive and social tennis, friendly matches, and a lively social scene. The club is located in Whitnash, and so is ideally placed for players in Leamington Spa and Warwick, but it has members from Coventry , Kenilworth, Stratford Upon Avon and as far afield as Cardiff .

Its competitive sides compete in a number of Mens, Ladies and Mixed Doubles Leagues throughout Warwickshire, and the surrounding counties.

Whitnash Society. Secretary Mr I Box 426712.

Winemakers' Circle, Leamington. Secretary Mrs A Watters 831538.

Working Parents Association. Secretary Angela Moorhouse 426757.

Writers Workshop, Warwickshire. Contact Wynne Wilson 740369.

Whitnash 1st Warwick Gates Brownie Unit, Fiona Wilson, 01926 426991.


Yoga Information. Contact Mrs B Sidebottom 852638.

Yoga, Friends of. District Secretary 833259.

Yorkshire Society, Leamington and District. Secretary M Peake.

Young at Art, Kenilworth. Organiser 857055.

Young Embroiders, Leamington and District. Contact Mrs J Myatt 451092.

Young Farmers Club, Warwickshire Federation of. County administrator Mrs H Smith 01203 696588.

Young People's Group, Asian. Leader Bina Sandhu 338421.

Warwickshire Association of Youth Clubs.

Youth Centre, Campion. Leader Dawn Donovan 330707.

Youth Centre, Kenilworth. Leader Samantha O'Reilly 855205.

Youth Centre, Lillington. Leader Colin Sheasby 428142.