Conservatives secure large majority in Warwickshire County Council election

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Warwickshire County Council will now be led by an overwhelming Conservative majority after yesterday’s election.

The Tories won 36 of the 57 seats which were being contested meaning they now have the power to push through decisions with little opposition other than from within their own party.

The Labour Party suffered large losses, taking just ten seats.

They had previously held 22 of the 62 seats on the council before boundary changes brought about a reduction in the number available this time.

The Liberal Democrats also lost seats having had nine before the election and now only having seven.

The Green Party, which had put forward candidates for all 57 areas, kept the two on the council they previously held,

The rest of the council will be made up of representatives from independent parties with the Whitnash Residents Association and Stratford First taking one seat apiece.

UKIP, who put forward 12 candidates, won no seats.

Final results (out of 57 seats): Conservatives 36, Labour 10, Liberal Democrats 7, Green Party 2, Whitnash Residents Association 1, Stratford First 1.

The turnout across the whole county was 36.37 per cent.

Turnout across the five districts and boroughs was as follows: North Warwickshire - 34.11 per cent, Nuneaton and Bedworth - 32.91 per cent, Rugby - 28.55 per cent, Stratford - 40 per cent, Warwick - 38.38 per cent.

To see the full breakdown of the results by areas and wards click here