County's homeless getting more support

More support is being '¨provided to help get people '¨off the streets.

Thursday, 8th December 2016, 1:03 pm
Updated Wednesday, 14th December 2016, 1:43 pm
On patrol in Leamington: Paul Hawthorne from Warwick District Council's Ranger Service, Rosie Ward from Warwickshire P3 and Wayne Darlington from Warwick District Council's Ranger Service.

Warwickshire P3, a charity that offers services for people at a time and in a way that they need it, was awarded the contract to deliver outreach services to rough sleepers across the county and has teamed up with Warwick District Council’s (WDC) ranger service.

Over the past few weeks outreach workers from P3 and officers from the ranger service have undertaken joint patrols of the district’s parks and open spaces with the aim of supporting those sleeping rough in finding secure accommodation and accessing the services they need.

Labour south Leamington councillors Colin Quinney and Kristie Naimo met with their local ranger last week.

Leamington South Councillor Colin Quinney talking to a Warwick District Council ranger.

Cllr Naimo said: “We welcome anything we can do as a district council in partnership and in addition to the stretched voluntary sector to improve current support for rough sleepers. However, monitoring and advice does not tackle directly the growing numbers on our streets and the particular risk to their welfare on freezing nights when night shelters are closed.”

Earlier this year Warwickshire County Council made housing-related cuts, which included those provided to homeless people, which left three properties in Warwick and Leamington set for closure.

The closures included William Wallsgrove House in Leamington but the council has now decided to keep it open.

A spokeswoman for Warwick District Council said: “William Wallsgrove House is being kept open for the foreseeable future for people over 25 who need housing but require support before moving on to independent living.”

Leamington South Councillor Colin Quinney talking to a Warwick District Council ranger.

Cllr Colin Quinney, said: “We are pleased that some progress is now reported towards this target but the shortfall is still expected to be over 40 bedspaces and we urge the Conservative administration to commit to replacing all 60 spaces.

“We are also pleased to learn that the council will now shortly be adding capacity for temporary accommodation for the highest priority homeless, as Labour has been urging.”