Crime levels in Kenilworth last year highest for at least five years

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The amount of crime recorded in Kenilworth and Burton Green during 2016 was the highest for at least five years, latest figures show.

A total of 1,218 incidents were recorded from January to December last year, 291 more than the same period in 2015, or a 31 per cent increase.

The most common offences were incidents of anti-social behaviour. 332 cases were recorded last year, up from 253 in 2015.

Violent crime was also common, with 219 incidents in 2016 compared to 166 in 2015.

And 107 burglaries were recorded last year, although this only increased marginally from the 98 reported break-ins in 2015.

Inspector Dafydd Goddard of Warwickshire Police said police operations have been deployed to try and combat the rise.

He added: “There have been campaigns within the area highlighting ways the public can report incidents and therefore an increase in public confidence in reporting crime.

“We would, however, urge the public to be vigilant and make sure their homes and vehicles are locked securely, and valuables are not left on display.

“There are a number of security devices which can be bought to help protect your property, including door and window locks and tamper-proof number plate screws. We would advise people to consider these. We would also advise people to sign up to receive crime alerts from our community messaging service in order to raise their awareness of issues in their area.”