Burglars target Kenilworth during January

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Kenilworth residents are once again being advised to remain vigilant after three homes in the town became the targets of burglars in January.

An Audi was stolen from a house in Butler Close in the early hours of Thursday January 7 after offenders drilled the lock out of a side door of the property. They entered the kitchen and took the keys to the Audi, which was parked on the drive.

There have also been two attempted burglaries reported this month. Between January 9 and 14, offenders attempted to force open the back door of a property in Nason Grove with a crowbar, but were unsuccessful in gaining entry. Although the door was damaged, nothing was stolen.

In a similar incident on January 14 at around 6pm, the back door of a property in Woodland Road was smashed, along with the property’s garden gate. The offenders could not gain entry, however, and once again nothing was stolen.

The neighbourhood watch group Kenilworth Crown Watch is urging residents to keep their eyes open and to report anything suspicious to Warwickshire Police using the non-emergency number 101.

A spokesman for the group said: “If it doesn’t look right then it probably isn’t.”