Police visit homes of children causing problems in Kenilworth - and give them a telling off in front of their parents

Officers said the parents were supportive of their methods and they hope it will stop their antisocial behaviour

Friday, 30th April 2021, 9:59 am
Updated Friday, 30th April 2021, 10:00 am

Children causing problems in Kenilworth have been given 'very strong words' by police in front of their parents.

Police made visits to their homes after reports of antisocial behaviour in Guy Road.

PC Jones and PSCO Clayton, of the Kenilworth safer neighbourhood team, have been patrolling the area to hep catch those responsible.

Police have increased patrols in Kenilworth after reports of antisocial behaviour.

They said: "Those responsible have been identified and visits have been made to the homes and the kids spoken to in-front of their parents and very strong words of advice given.

"We will also be sending out antisocial behaviour warning letters which gives us options to escalate our response should the behaviour continue.

"As with most things in policing I fully appreciate that there are going to be differing opinions on how police should deal with these situations.

"However antisocial behaviour like this does cause considerable distress to those on the receiving end of it and in my opinion it isn’t acceptable and it falls under the remit of the safer neighbourhood team to address it in an appropriate and proportionate manner.

"All the parents were fully supportive and in this instance I do feel the right balance has been struck. I hope it does the trick for those affected by it."