Election results for Warwick district

Here are the election results for Warwick District Council.

Labour have been voted out of power at Warwick District Council - to be replaced by the Conservatives.

It brings to an end four years of joint Labour and Liberal Democrat rule, with the Tories looking like having a small overall majority.

The Tories have 24 seats - up seven - with Labour reduced from 13 to nine.

The Liberal Democrats remained unchanged on nine, but the Independent group lost two seats.

Two Warwick seats proved crucial. Conservatives made two gains from Labour in Warwick West and two in Warwick North, giving the Tories dominance at Leamington town hall.

Labour group leader Coun Bob Crowther (Leamington Claren- don) said: "We knew we were in defensive mode, and I'm disappointed particularly with Warwick North and Warwick West results.

"I think people have been influenced by campaigning around the hospital, which has involved a lot of emotive politics. Clearly the

Conservatives are either going to have an outright majority or form an administration with the support of the Independents."

Conservative group leader Coun Michael Coker (Kenilworth Abbey) said: "The net effect is that, however it turns out, we shall form an administraton. I'm very pleased because we have been unable to do this since 1995. It is a particularly good feeling to be able to bring the party back to controlling the district."

Liberal Democrat group leader Coun Alan Boad (Leamington Crown) said: "The good news is we haven't lost any seats and we only just failed to gain one at the last recount at Leamington Clarendon.

Bishops Tachbrook:

Malcolm Doody (Con) 475 votes ELECTED

Chris McKeown (Lab) 310 votes

Nicola Stevenson (Green) 113 votes

Turnout: 45.6 per cent. Six papers were rejected.



Ian Foulds (Lab) 305 votes

Tony Griffin (Lab) 423 votes

Alan Rhead (Con) 1,361 votes ELECTED

Hannah Sassoon (Green) 368 votes

Clare Sawdon (Con) 1,422 votes ELECTED

Turnout: 47.4 per cent. Eight papers were rejected.



Gareth Davies (Green) 382 votes

Jeremy Eastaugh (Lab) 374 votes

John Hammon (Con) 1,227 votes ELECTED

Norman Pratt (Con) 1,208 votes ELECTED

John Roberts (Lab) 573 votes

Turnout 45.9 per cent. Six papers were rejected.


Kenilworth Abbey:

Ann Blacklock (Lib Dem) 1,444 votes ELECTED

Michael Coker (Con) 1,568 votes ELECTED

Kate Dickson (Lib Dem) 1,135 votes

Michael Ellwood (Lab) 244 votes

Spencer Harrison (Con) 1,352 votes

George Illingworth (Con) 1,411 votes ELECTED

Denny Reader (Green) 324 votes

Pat Ryan (Lib Dem) 1,107 votes

Turnout: 51 per cent.


Kenilworth Park Hill:

Richard Brayne (Green) 284 votes

Felicity Bunker (Con) 1,587 votes ELECTED

Doug Golby (Lib Dem) 921 votes

Ian Henderson (Lab) 243 votes

Kevin Holt (Lib Dem) 848 votes

Andrew Mobbs (Con) 1,548 votes ELECTED

Dave Shilton (Con) 1,681 votes ELECTED

Alison Tyler (Lib Dem) 974 votes

Turnout: 45.3 per cent. 11 papers were rejected.


Kenilworth St John's:

Pippa Austin (Green) 373 votes

Richard Davies (Con) 1,637 votes ELECTED

Matthew Feeley (Lab) 454 votes

Mary Harrison (Lib Dem) 498 votes

John Hatfield (Con) 1,584 votes ELECTED

George Jones (BNP) 251 votes

Peter Shiels (Lab) 446 votes

Richard Sweeney (Lib Dem) 436 votes

Norman Vincett (Con) 1,559 votes ELECTED

John Wilson (Lib Dem) 401 votes

Robin Winn (Lab) 439 votes

Turnout: 48.7 per cent. 15 papers were rejected.



Janet Alty (Green) 117 votes

Les Caborn (Con) 842 votes ELECTED

Turnout: 44.1 per cent. Nine papers were rejected.


Leamington Brunswick:

James Berragan (Con) 349 votes

Mike Britland (Lab) 674 votes ELECTED

Godfrey Carr (Lib Dem) 276 votes

Helen Cunliffe (Lib Dem) 270 votes

Balvinder Gill (Lab) 726 votes ELECTED

Elliot Grainger (Con) 332 votes

Robert King (Green) 267 votes

Bruce Knight (Green) 241 votes

Jane Knight (Lab) 662 votes ELECTED

Becqke Oldham (Green) 194 votes

Bert Whitehart (Lib Dem) 221 votes

Turnout: 29 per cent. 16 papers were rejected.


Leamington Clarendon:

Michael Barker (Con) 419 votes

Alan Beddow (Lib Dem) 453 votes

Bob Crowther (Lab) 532 votes ELECTED

Robert Cunliffe (Lib Dem) 460 votes

Janice Dean (Lab) 466 votes ELECTED

James Kennedy (Green) 148 votes

Robin Taylor (Con) 388 votes

Clare Wandless-Phillips (Green) 145 votes

Turnout: 41.0 per cent. Seven papers were rejected and there was one recount.


Leamington Crown:

Alastair Bates (Con) 227 votes

Alan Boad (Lib Dem) 889 votes ELECTED

Cliff Harris (Lib Dem) 767 votes ELECTED

Clare Hopkinson (Con) 217 votes

Andy Leahy (Lab) 250 votes

John Liddamore (Green) 69 votes

Dave Padley (Lab) 217 votes

Felicity Rock (Green) 76 votes

Turnout: 37 per cent. Three papers were rejected.


Leamington Manor:

Cymone De-Lara-Bond (Lib Dem) 1,424 votes ELECTED

Mark Bull (Con) 1,017 votes

Roger Copping (Lib Dem) 1,455 votes ELECTED

Susan Eades (Lab) 270 votes

Eithne Goode (Lib Dem) 1,599 votes ELECTED

Andy Marshall (Lab) 271 votes

Chris Philpott (Green) 235 votes

Richard Raven (Con) 985 votes

Leonora Riesenburg (Con) 940 votes

Ronald Stone (Lab) 210 votes

Angela Stride (Green) 189 votes

Turnout: 48.7 per cent. 31 papers were rejected.


Leamington Milverton:

Dave Cumner (Green) 316 votes

Ian Davison (Green) 509 votes

Malcolm Fraser (Lab) 302 votes

Bill Gifford (Lib Dem) 1,297 votes ELECTED

Sue Ingleby (Lab) 291 votes

Nicolas Pittarello (Lib Dem) 1,029 votes ELECTED

William Redford (Con) 827 votes

Margaret Turner (Green) 337 votes

Sidney Tyrrell (Lib Dem) 1,116 votes ELECTED

Geoff Wilson (Con) 853 votes

Janet Wilson (Con) 865 votes

Michael Wincott (Lab) 250 votes

Turnout: 44.6 per cent. 11 papers were rejected.


Leamington Willes:

David Alexander (Lib Dem) 318 votes

John Barrott (Lab) 790 votes ELECTED

Chris Begg (Lib Dem) 316 votes

Richard Edwards (Lab) 820 votes ELECTED

Jonathan Hofstetter (Green) 251 votes

Anita Kanwar (Con) 634 votes

Didar Kundi (Con) 579 votes

Susan Oldham (Green) 244 votes

Jez Sleath (Ind) 97 votes

Andrew Stevenson (Green) 253 votes

John Timms (Con) 639 votes

Barbara Weed (Lab) 847 votes ELECTED

Alun Wyburn-Powell (Lib Dem) 234 votes

Turnout: 34.7 per cent. 25 papers were rejected.


Leek Wootton:

Janice Austin (Green) 153 votes

Susan Gallagher (Con) 805 votes ELECTED

Turnout: 49.9 per cent. Eight papers were rejected.


Radford Semele:

Mike Doody (Con) 576 votes ELECTED

Nick Rabson (Lib Dem) 108 votes

David Steele (Green) 80 votes

Kevin Walsh (Lab) 125 votes

Turnout: 47.3 per cent. Two papers were rejected.



Bertie Mackay (Ind) 572 votes ELECTED

Tom Watson (Green) 104 votes

Turnout: 45.1 per cent. Six papers were rejected.


Warwick North:

Martyn Ashford (Lab) 1016 votes

Alison Browne (Green) 295 votes

Andrew Clarke (Lib Dem) 308 votes

Michael Cull-Dodd (Green) 242 votes

Moira-Ann Grainger (Con) 1019 votes ELECTED

Matt Hartley (Con) 989 votes

Maureen Hooper (Lab) 966 votes

Nadine Mathias (Lib Dem) 307 votes

Misan McFarland (Lab) 1,044 votes ELECTED

Karen Scarrott (Con) 1,059 votes ELECTED

Turnout: 42 per cent. 42 papers were rejected.


Warwick South:

Penny Bould (Lab) 534 votes

Graham Browne (Green) 361 votes

Gerry Guest (Con) 1,561 votes ELECTED

Geoffrey Harris (Lib Dem) 402 votes

Joanne Humphreys (Lab) 538 votes

David Manuel (Lib Dem) 371 votes

Anne Mellor (Con) 1,579 votes ELECTED

Juliet Nickels (Green) 401 votes

Deborah Pittarello (Lib Dem) 415 votes

Sheila Tomkins (Lab) 510 votes

Chris White (Con) 1,570 votes ELECTED

Turnout: N/A. 29 papers were rejected.


Warwick West:

Suzi Caunce (Green) 328 votes

Bob Dhillon (Con) 1057 votes

Gabriela Gogan (Lib Dem) 257 votes

Michael Linton Gogan (Lib Dem) 227 votes

Elizabeth Higgins (Con) 1,034 votes ELECTED

John Holland (Lab) 925 votes

Michael Kinson (Con) 1,132 votes ELECTED

Agnes Leddy (Lab) 948 votes

Roger Smith (Lab) 887 votes

Amita Taylor (Lib Dem) 336 votes

Jeremy Worrell (Green) 268 votes

Turnout: 37.6 per cent. 17 papers were rejected.



Jim Berreen (Green) 306 votes

Jugjit Cheema (Lab) 436 votes

Judy Falp (Ind) 1,530 votes ELECTED

Jaswant Gill (Lab) 511 votes

Paul Hamilton (Lab) 456 votes

Tony Heath (Ind) 1,596 votes ELECTED

Bernard Kirton (Ind) 1,828 votes ELECTED

Turnout: 38 per cent. 19 papaers were rejected.