Elections 2015: Tories increase their majority in Warwick district

The Conservatives have strengthened their majority on Warwick District Council after Saturday’s local election results.

The Tories gained six seats on their result in 2011 with a majority of 31 of the 46 seats available while Labour gained one for a total of nine seats and the Liberal Democrats lost seven to end up with just two.

Candidates look on as votes are counted

Candidates look on as votes are counted

Cllr Andrew Mobbs, the prospective leader both the council and of the council’s Conservative Group, said: “I’m delighted that we have gained six seats which essentially was nine seats with the three defectors we had before the election.

“I had been running a minority administration of 22 before the election but now with 31 seats we can make sure we can be inclusive and help all the residents of our district by pushing through our policies, which include building more council houses and continuing to improve services while offering value for money to the taxpayer.

Cllr Mobbs paid tribute to the former councillors from all parties who were unsuccessful in regaining their seats and in particular fellow Conservative John Hammon, who had previously represented the Cubbington ward but had run for election in Milverton this time.

Cllr Mobbs said: “I want to give special thanks to John, he was an excellent member of our executive.”

Whitnash Residents Association held its three seats in the town with Robert Margrave stepping in for Bernard Kirton to win his seat for the association.

Whitnash Residents Association held its three seats in the town with Robert Margrave stepping in for Bernard Kirton to win his seat for the association.

Cllr Margrave and his fellow elected association councillors Judith Falp and Tony Heath have said: “The residents of Whitnash have once again placed their trust in us to represent them on Warwick District Council. Along with the town council and county council, the town continues to support a non-party political group that work for Whitnash all year round.

“Many Councillors give time on a range of organisations within the town.

“Both re-elected and new councillors will do their best to support the town in any way they can to keep it a good place to live, work and go to school.

“Thank you to our residents for your continued support.”

The council now has its first Green Party councillor as Ian Davison won a seat in the Leamington Brunswick Ward with 1,264 votes.

Cllr Davison, a north Leamington resident who has been a member of the Green Party since 1984 and is a lecturer at Birmingham University, said: “There’s really been a Green surge in Leamington and obviously the residents have came out and supported us.

“Jonathan Chilvers on the County Council has taken a ‘proud to live in South Leamington approach’ and that’s absolutely fantastic.

“There is a perception of a north/south divide in Leamington and it seems to be that North Leamington people complain and get things done while it hasn’t happened so much in the south and we’re looking to change that.

“As just one person it’s tough to get much done on the council overall, the national Government is likely to carry out more cuts so it’ll be difficult for the council to do things so the challenge is to keep being positive despite the difficulties we’ll face.

“One of the big things is obviously having affordable houses but we don’t want them on Greenfield sites. There are brownfield sites near the railway station which we’re keen to push for being used.”

By gaining a seat in the Lillington Crown ward, which has historically been held by the Liberal Democrats, the Labour group pulled off a “real coup” according to its leader Cllr John Barrott.

But Cllr Barrott, who won a seat in the new Sydenham ward, said: “As a party we’re disappointed both locally and nationally.

“Lynette Kelly was a phenomenal candidate and led a phenomenal campaign and could not have done any more.

“Locally, both ourselves and the Liberal Democrats have lost some good councillors even though we did gain a seat too.

“But the people who voted for us can rest assured that Labour councillors on the district and town councils will be working as hard as they can to influence policies and decisions.”

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