Final push to secure Warwick festivals

Jack Linstead, one of the volunteers in Warwick Rocks, appeals for help with this year's festivals.
Jack Linstead, one of the volunteers in Warwick Rocks, appeals for help with this year's festivals.

The race is on to raise £5,000 in just ten days to promote three major events in Warwick this year.

Supporters of the Warwick Rocks group say just 23 more Warwick businesses putting up £250 each would see them safely over their self-imposed deadline of April 20.

Equally, scores of local people pledging £5 or more might be enough to secure backing for the planned midsummer music festival in June, a food and film festival in August, plus more Christmas films and markets.

Organiser Jack Linstead says all the events are intended to increase the footfall into Warwick helping to keep shops and restaurants busy and the town centre vibrant.

Mr Linstead, who is one of a team of volunteers, said: “We have already had some tremendous support from various independent businesses in the town like Hatton and Harding, Catalan, Coco Rose and Hair Management. This week we’re also talking to marketing staff at Warwick Castle and Baxi Heating who have headquarters in the town.”

By Tuesday the group had raised £4,100 towards its £10,000 “Crowd Funding” target.

At an earlier town centre management group meeting Mr Linstead was keen to point out that he and fellow volunteers are not trying to dictate what happens in Warwick.

He said: “The point of Warwick Rocks is that the money invested by local people, businesses and authorities is then put to the best possible use in the town to increase footfall, raise awareness of the independent traders and improve the brand perception of Warwick as a town.

“Any money left over, or profit, would be used to meet other objectives – for instance next year street food might be old hat and the investment could be put towards town-wide wi-fi.

“Warwick Rocks isn’t just about events, although these are clearly a fabulous focal point.”

During the week-long Food and Film Festival in August 2013, some 10,000 people visited Warwick on the first day and more than 25,000 throughout the event as a whole.

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