Five candidates seek young Southam votes

Warwickshire County Council
Warwickshire County Council

Students at Southam College - some of whom will be eligible to vote for the first time this year - are to hear a one hour debate between five candidates standing in the General Election.

Sitting MP Jeremy Wright has promised to attend the event on March 20, provided his parliamentary commitments don’t change, and there will be an opportunity for students to question not only him but four other Kenilworth and Southam candidates.

These include Liberal Democrat Richard Dickson, Labour’s Bally Singh, Harry Cottam for Ukip and Green candidate Rob Ballantyne.

The only one not attending will be Nicholas Robert Blunderbuss, a late entry onto the campaign trail on behalf of the Offical Monster Raving Loony Party.

Head of sixth form Keith Bradbury said: “There are nearly 100 potential first-time voters among the students and we will take a poll of their election preferences ahead of the debate and then again at the end to see if opinions have been swayed.”

Mr Bradbury added: “We will give all the candidates some ideas of the topics we want to cover, such as student tuition fees, but they won’t know the actual questions until they are asked on the afternoon.”

The event will start at 2pm and there will be space in the audience for up to 40 members of the local community who may want to go along and listen.

Anybody who is interested in going to hear the arguments and views of the five candidates is asked to speak to Mr Bradbury ahead of March 20 by ringing the college on 01926 812560.